Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zoya Julieanne

So while I was out at Ulta, waiting for them to find Chic Reloaded, I perused the nail polish section. They were low on pretty much every brand, but I did spy Zoya Mimi there. I had seen it a lot online and figured it was a good buy though I never really wanted it 'enough' at the time. It was glitzy and purple, though, and I did like that. But it seems to me that most loud purples are either loud because they are very blue or loud because they are very magenta. I want PURPLE. Just. Purple.

One row above Mimi was the lovely Juilieanne. A touch darker, but much cooler without being blue or indigo. Yes. 'Indigo' not 'Purple'. Sorry I'm just a ... word Nazi (?) and I can't stand making up a word for something that already exists. Anyway. Juilieanne is a shiny purple glass fleck with a weak but visible green duochrome, which is awesome because I love purple with a touch of green.

The application was a breeze, though the popularity of wide brushes in polishes made the Zoya brush seem really small. But whatever! It went on smooth and had a really aces formula. I dinged my index and ring finger something awful, then used a non-fast dry topcoat... and then at some point had my head against my nails too long or something afterwards and so I achieved ultimate WTFery of those nails, because I am so cool.... :p


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