Thursday, September 6, 2012

Galaxy and opal nails

Heya! I took a swing at a Galaxy (Nebula, really) mani recently, after practicing on some fake nails. The method I developed was as follows:

1 coat of black
1 here and there coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust
A sparse touch of Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope
1 coat of black jelly*
Sponge white
Sponge Orly Space Cadet
Sponge Nubar Peacock Feathers
Sponge Borghese Stellare Notte, Orly That's not Rocket Science as needed
Touch up with pink, orange and red minerale powder as needed
Dot on white
Dot on WnW Kaleidoscope

All in all I just wish that I hadn't used a dotting tool for the white stars, as they came out better when I used a pin. *I put a jelly over the base layer of 'stars' to give them distance and to keep the glitter from crowding out the overall image.

Here's an older mani that I did, and have done many times before that. It's easy and fun, and wears a long time. Here are the bottles involved:
Ignore that first Confetti polish, though, it's not in this mani. Anyway, I apply them as they are shown from left to right, and I end up with this! It's sorta gyaru, no?

I picked up some essie good to go after this. I hadn't had a bottle in years. I bought the CND matte topcoat at one point and it was the worst thing ever. It made the polishes so friggin' white- I threw it out. Anyway, here's the mani matted, looking more like an opal-



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