Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flakie comparison

I was running low on Nubar 2010, and intended to get Essie Shine of the Times to fill the eventual gap. But when buying from Transdesign, I saw China Glaze Luxe and Lush and got that instead. It is not the same sort of true flakie as 2010 and the Nfu Ohs, it is made of a thicker mylar particulate like Color Club Covered in Diamonds, which I also have. Here are the bottles, below:
And here they all are over black:

The essie is thicker and possibly finer than the Nubar, not like that matters much since 2010 came out over two years ago. Luxe and Lush is very pretty and I like it a lot for being iridescent and not multichrome (like the nubar/essie/nhu ohs) so it doesn't add too much of one color to a design. It is pretty sparse, though. It went on much smoother than Covered in Diamonds, which has to be pushed down sometimes, lol. But uhhh... hope this helps!


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