Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Essence: Chic Reloaded and Oil slick comparisons

GOSH. I feel like I live in the last city to get anything. I literally had to STALK this polish! My Ulta had had an emptyish Essence display for a while, so I knew they were waiting for the new bottles to come out. I called them over a week ago, they didn't know when they'd get them. Ok, cool. I call a week after, they say they'll get them after Sunday, when their new flyer comes out. Monday I go to the store...

No new bottles.

So I had to ask one of the associates and she had to ask in the back and then someone else came and searched through some of the shipment boxes that were out and about and voila! There it was. Had the display been set up I might've picked up Grey-t to be here as well, but I didn't really passionately want it like I wanted Chic Reloaded, and I felt bad enough that this woman had gone digging. I know it's her job, but eh... I also wanted to get home.

Chic Reloaded went on super smooth, and I love the brush. I haven't used Essence polishes before so I don't know if this is new, but the cap feels *good* in your hand, and the brush is excellent. It's perfectly sized (to me), flat with a rounded end. Some people think the new caps look cheap, but I don't, and they also don't *feel* cheap. Plus they have a little 'e' in the middle and look totally cute. AND THEY MATCH THE POLISH. So fly.

This is like Borghese Stellare Notte, but it is darker.. in a way. When I first saw this I thought it was closer to black than the Borghese, but it really isn't. The polish itself DOES have a blacker base (it's a very warm red/brown sort of black) but after Stellare Notte comes up to opacity you'll see that it's not actually darker. It is mainly a strong green duochrome that shifts to a reddish purple. The duochrome in this is VERY strong in comparison to its sibling.

Here is the  comparison. This is Wet n' Wild Fastdry Gray's Anatomy, Zoya Ki, Borghese Stellare Notte, Essence Chic Reloaded and for good measure, Nubar Peacock Feathers.

I wanted to show you the direction change in the polishes. Gray's Anatomy, Ki and Peacock Feathers are purple to green while Stellare Notte and Chic Reloaded are green to purple. As you can see, Chic Reloaded is very *warm* compared to Stellare Notte, and is also the stronger duochrome of the two. Stellare Notte is also blue at times, but Chic Reloaded is so warm that instead of being blue between the fuchsia and the green it's more silvery.

Here is the picture of the bases, so you can see what I mean. Chic Reloaded is quite dark on the first coat, but Stellare Notte isn't, because it has a grey-blue base that's a bit more sheer. These two are pretty similar, but not dupes. If you don't have either and you want more wow factor, go for Chic Reloaded. I like having both, though. Might do some tone-on-tone stamping, one day. Ciao!

PS: For some reason Blogger, buggy thing that it is, won't let me leave comments on other blogs, or even my own. So if you've commented and I've ignored you, sorry! I tried. :/ Blogger just wants me to be forever alone. :p

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