Friday, September 28, 2012

Enkelini Violet Soul

I posted a cruddy pic of this one a while back and figured it needed a better review. Violet Soul is a seriously saturated, seriously holo, seriously gorgeous spectraflair holo. It's an awesome shade of PURPLE. Not magenta, not indigo, just PURPLE. I absolutely love it.

One of the great things about the stronger holos is that they are also holo indoors. This one is. The bottom picture is in shade, however. But what I like about this polish is that even without direct light, it still retains its strong purple color, instead of being washed out. Enkelini polishes can be purchased off of Etsy. Ciao~


  1. It's beautiful! I'm loving your nail shape.

    1. Thanks! It really is a fly polish. I started filing my nails on the sides so that they would no longer split. Now I can finally grow them out, I love them long.


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