Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dusky things

First off, we have China Glaze Jungle Queen. I really wanted to like this. It is, of course, a Chanel Paradoxal dupe. Chanel can eat shorts for pricing their lacquers so high (when it's not like they have exceptional wear or anything), but I actually really appreciate what they do in regards to trendsetting, because often they are the first to come out with a really popular color for a season (not to say that that color might not have existed in obscurity before) and all of the other companies copy it, so we get multiple chances to buy it and at a more decent price.

That said, my verdict on this is that I didn't like it. It bubbled, first off, and that REALLY SUCKS. In the following pictures you can see the bubbles on the nail. I found the formula to be sort of hard to level, and I wonder if that's just an issue some greys have, like whites and other chalky colors. This is, after all, a dusky grey purple creme base. I LOVE dusky, muted colors, and so I'm sad I didn't like this more. The shimmer is faint in the bottle, which of course means it's almost nonexistent on the nail. Really, it's less of a 'flash' and seems to just exist to give the color depth, which I can appreciate, but it's not my thing. This is the second day of wear, and there is shrinkage/tipwear already.

I may franken this to add some shimmer, because with a stronger flash it'd be dope. But eh. If not I may give it away. For now it calms my OPI YDKJ cravings. WHY DID I GIVE THAT ONE AWAY??

Second, we have something I picked up ... a couple of years ago? OPI's Tease-y Does It.

This one's a muted, dusky raisin color all over. It seems to be a purple-leaning raisin brown cream, and the glass fleck takes over the purple, adding reddish orange tones that almost bring it to a brown. Sort of cinnamon-y. As you can see, the fleck is multichrome in the bottle, but that's common, and not something the polish is really supposed to achieve on the nail. But it's pretty, so I wanted to show you.

Sun, sun, shade. I don't know how that lint got there. Anyway, this formula is great. Sort of...too flowy.. but it *isn't* runny. There is just more effort in molding it, I suppose. But it has great pigmentation- if you have short nails, you might be able to get away with one coat! Pictured is two coats. This is a great muted vamp for fall and winter, and I totally love it. The shimmer brings it into a browned-red, but in some lights, especially indoors, the look of the dusky raisin base is stronger around the edges and really fetching. I don't know why I've only worn this once before.... It wears very well and is definitely resisting tipwear. Pick this up if you didn't, all that time ago.


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  1. Sorry you don't like Jungle Queen. Yeah add some shimmer to it. Both polishes are pretty. I'm loving your almond nails. I shaped my left hand in almond and right hand square I'm trying to decide which one I want :)


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