Friday, September 28, 2012

Enkelini Violet Soul

I posted a cruddy pic of this one a while back and figured it needed a better review. Violet Soul is a seriously saturated, seriously holo, seriously gorgeous spectraflair holo. It's an awesome shade of PURPLE. Not magenta, not indigo, just PURPLE. I absolutely love it.

One of the great things about the stronger holos is that they are also holo indoors. This one is. The bottom picture is in shade, however. But what I like about this polish is that even without direct light, it still retains its strong purple color, instead of being washed out. Enkelini polishes can be purchased off of Etsy. Ciao~

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jade Magia Negra and some comparisons

Heya. Gonna be short and sweet today since I don't want to prattle on too much. Jade Magia Negra is the blackest of the holoest black holos, if that makes any sense. It's basically the best one, so I bought it from NinjaPolish.

Amazing. Here, I've compared it to CC Revvolution (which is gunmetal, not black) in the middle, and Darling Diva's Dreamy Holo topcoat over black on the right.
Revvvolution looks like it's dulled over the years, but when I looked up online swatches, nah, it was just never that strong. Anyway, for blackness and holoness, the topcoat over the black cream was best, but Magia Negra is smoother and more linear.

In related news, Darling Diva has a polish called Space Beetle that I want, but can't afford right now. Plus, I have her Ringer, Dangerous Driver and Dreamy, so I wanted to see if I could do it myself since it's basically the black version of Dangerous Driver.
The left is Dangerous Driver over black, and the right is Ringer over Magia Negra. DD on black wins, obviously. Obsessin averted! Ciao~

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zoya Julieanne

So while I was out at Ulta, waiting for them to find Chic Reloaded, I perused the nail polish section. They were low on pretty much every brand, but I did spy Zoya Mimi there. I had seen it a lot online and figured it was a good buy though I never really wanted it 'enough' at the time. It was glitzy and purple, though, and I did like that. But it seems to me that most loud purples are either loud because they are very blue or loud because they are very magenta. I want PURPLE. Just. Purple.

One row above Mimi was the lovely Juilieanne. A touch darker, but much cooler without being blue or indigo. Yes. 'Indigo' not 'Purple'. Sorry I'm just a ... word Nazi (?) and I can't stand making up a word for something that already exists. Anyway. Juilieanne is a shiny purple glass fleck with a weak but visible green duochrome, which is awesome because I love purple with a touch of green.

The application was a breeze, though the popularity of wide brushes in polishes made the Zoya brush seem really small. But whatever! It went on smooth and had a really aces formula. I dinged my index and ring finger something awful, then used a non-fast dry topcoat... and then at some point had my head against my nails too long or something afterwards and so I achieved ultimate WTFery of those nails, because I am so cool.... :p


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Essence: Chic Reloaded and Oil slick comparisons

GOSH. I feel like I live in the last city to get anything. I literally had to STALK this polish! My Ulta had had an emptyish Essence display for a while, so I knew they were waiting for the new bottles to come out. I called them over a week ago, they didn't know when they'd get them. Ok, cool. I call a week after, they say they'll get them after Sunday, when their new flyer comes out. Monday I go to the store...

No new bottles.

So I had to ask one of the associates and she had to ask in the back and then someone else came and searched through some of the shipment boxes that were out and about and voila! There it was. Had the display been set up I might've picked up Grey-t to be here as well, but I didn't really passionately want it like I wanted Chic Reloaded, and I felt bad enough that this woman had gone digging. I know it's her job, but eh... I also wanted to get home.

Chic Reloaded went on super smooth, and I love the brush. I haven't used Essence polishes before so I don't know if this is new, but the cap feels *good* in your hand, and the brush is excellent. It's perfectly sized (to me), flat with a rounded end. Some people think the new caps look cheap, but I don't, and they also don't *feel* cheap. Plus they have a little 'e' in the middle and look totally cute. AND THEY MATCH THE POLISH. So fly.

This is like Borghese Stellare Notte, but it is darker.. in a way. When I first saw this I thought it was closer to black than the Borghese, but it really isn't. The polish itself DOES have a blacker base (it's a very warm red/brown sort of black) but after Stellare Notte comes up to opacity you'll see that it's not actually darker. It is mainly a strong green duochrome that shifts to a reddish purple. The duochrome in this is VERY strong in comparison to its sibling.

Here is the  comparison. This is Wet n' Wild Fastdry Gray's Anatomy, Zoya Ki, Borghese Stellare Notte, Essence Chic Reloaded and for good measure, Nubar Peacock Feathers.

I wanted to show you the direction change in the polishes. Gray's Anatomy, Ki and Peacock Feathers are purple to green while Stellare Notte and Chic Reloaded are green to purple. As you can see, Chic Reloaded is very *warm* compared to Stellare Notte, and is also the stronger duochrome of the two. Stellare Notte is also blue at times, but Chic Reloaded is so warm that instead of being blue between the fuchsia and the green it's more silvery.

Here is the picture of the bases, so you can see what I mean. Chic Reloaded is quite dark on the first coat, but Stellare Notte isn't, because it has a grey-blue base that's a bit more sheer. These two are pretty similar, but not dupes. If you don't have either and you want more wow factor, go for Chic Reloaded. I like having both, though. Might do some tone-on-tone stamping, one day. Ciao!

PS: For some reason Blogger, buggy thing that it is, won't let me leave comments on other blogs, or even my own. So if you've commented and I've ignored you, sorry! I tried. :/ Blogger just wants me to be forever alone. :p

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dusky things

First off, we have China Glaze Jungle Queen. I really wanted to like this. It is, of course, a Chanel Paradoxal dupe. Chanel can eat shorts for pricing their lacquers so high (when it's not like they have exceptional wear or anything), but I actually really appreciate what they do in regards to trendsetting, because often they are the first to come out with a really popular color for a season (not to say that that color might not have existed in obscurity before) and all of the other companies copy it, so we get multiple chances to buy it and at a more decent price.

That said, my verdict on this is that I didn't like it. It bubbled, first off, and that REALLY SUCKS. In the following pictures you can see the bubbles on the nail. I found the formula to be sort of hard to level, and I wonder if that's just an issue some greys have, like whites and other chalky colors. This is, after all, a dusky grey purple creme base. I LOVE dusky, muted colors, and so I'm sad I didn't like this more. The shimmer is faint in the bottle, which of course means it's almost nonexistent on the nail. Really, it's less of a 'flash' and seems to just exist to give the color depth, which I can appreciate, but it's not my thing. This is the second day of wear, and there is shrinkage/tipwear already.

I may franken this to add some shimmer, because with a stronger flash it'd be dope. But eh. If not I may give it away. For now it calms my OPI YDKJ cravings. WHY DID I GIVE THAT ONE AWAY??

Second, we have something I picked up ... a couple of years ago? OPI's Tease-y Does It.

This one's a muted, dusky raisin color all over. It seems to be a purple-leaning raisin brown cream, and the glass fleck takes over the purple, adding reddish orange tones that almost bring it to a brown. Sort of cinnamon-y. As you can see, the fleck is multichrome in the bottle, but that's common, and not something the polish is really supposed to achieve on the nail. But it's pretty, so I wanted to show you.

Sun, sun, shade. I don't know how that lint got there. Anyway, this formula is great. Sort of...too flowy.. but it *isn't* runny. There is just more effort in molding it, I suppose. But it has great pigmentation- if you have short nails, you might be able to get away with one coat! Pictured is two coats. This is a great muted vamp for fall and winter, and I totally love it. The shimmer brings it into a browned-red, but in some lights, especially indoors, the look of the dusky raisin base is stronger around the edges and really fetching. I don't know why I've only worn this once before.... It wears very well and is definitely resisting tipwear. Pick this up if you didn't, all that time ago.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flakie comparison

I was running low on Nubar 2010, and intended to get Essie Shine of the Times to fill the eventual gap. But when buying from Transdesign, I saw China Glaze Luxe and Lush and got that instead. It is not the same sort of true flakie as 2010 and the Nfu Ohs, it is made of a thicker mylar particulate like Color Club Covered in Diamonds, which I also have. Here are the bottles, below:
And here they all are over black:

The essie is thicker and possibly finer than the Nubar, not like that matters much since 2010 came out over two years ago. Luxe and Lush is very pretty and I like it a lot for being iridescent and not multichrome (like the nubar/essie/nhu ohs) so it doesn't add too much of one color to a design. It is pretty sparse, though. It went on much smoother than Covered in Diamonds, which has to be pushed down sometimes, lol. But uhhh... hope this helps!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Galaxy and opal nails

Heya! I took a swing at a Galaxy (Nebula, really) mani recently, after practicing on some fake nails. The method I developed was as follows:

1 coat of black
1 here and there coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust
A sparse touch of Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope
1 coat of black jelly*
Sponge white
Sponge Orly Space Cadet
Sponge Nubar Peacock Feathers
Sponge Borghese Stellare Notte, Orly That's not Rocket Science as needed
Touch up with pink, orange and red minerale powder as needed
Dot on white
Dot on WnW Kaleidoscope

All in all I just wish that I hadn't used a dotting tool for the white stars, as they came out better when I used a pin. *I put a jelly over the base layer of 'stars' to give them distance and to keep the glitter from crowding out the overall image.

Here's an older mani that I did, and have done many times before that. It's easy and fun, and wears a long time. Here are the bottles involved:
Ignore that first Confetti polish, though, it's not in this mani. Anyway, I apply them as they are shown from left to right, and I end up with this! It's sorta gyaru, no?

I picked up some essie good to go after this. I hadn't had a bottle in years. I bought the CND matte topcoat at one point and it was the worst thing ever. It made the polishes so friggin' white- I threw it out. Anyway, here's the mani matted, looking more like an opal-