Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unicorn Piss at last! PICSPAM

SO finally here's my review of two... and-a-hal Clarins 230 dupes I bought from Etsy along with some other polishes. From pinkie to thumb we have:

2 coats of Darling Diva's Ringer (it's not). It's incredibly sheer with weak pigment and a non existent base coat. Of course at the price you can use it as a topper, but I really wouldn't buy this again. However, I don't *regret* my purchase, since Unicorn Piss is Unicorn Piss, i.e. always fantastic to have.

2 coats of Darling Diva's Dangerous Driver which was featured on its own in an earlier post. Same weak shift, same weak base color, nice holo, though.

2 coats of Darling Diva's Dreamy spectraflair holo topcoat. I purchased it because I thought it would be thin enough to wear over black without turning it grey, but as you'll see later it isn't. However, this isn't a big deal, as I'll cut it with some clear polish later. A very nice, smooth holo, otherwise.

2 coats of Enkelini's Lucky You! And man do I feel that way! I love this polish. It is the best Clarin's dupe I've come across, and at this price? Pfff. No contest. It's a touch thick, but it goes on smooth and builds like a jelly should. There's great, fiery shift with this one.

2 coats of Enkelini's Capybara's Jungle on the thumb. It seems to be a dupe of Ozotic 528. I'm rather fond of it, and will feature it as a mani later.



shade (sorry for the big wet blob)

And here they all are over black. In this set it is:
Pinkie: Lucky You
Ring: Ringer
Middle: Dangerous Driver
Index: Dreamy
Thumb: Capybara's Jungle


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