Friday, August 31, 2012

Picture Polish Mask-a-rade

When I saw this over at Scrangie I have to admit I got pretty excited. I hunted it down and bought a bottle, only to find out afterward that it is soon to be discontinued. Phew! Normally I am way late to the party on these things and I miss out entirely. Picture polish is  made up of small multichrome particles , so there are always about two or three colors in a given area. It has a clear base. On to the pictures!

Here is the indoors pic I took the day before, when I was SO sure I wouldn't see any sun this week thanks to the tropical storm. FYI this is two coats of Mask-a-rade over a jelly black, with topcoat.

My verdict? Totally awesome. This has a lot of cool tones before shifting- blue, purple, and a little teal. Then it goes to purples and pinks, and then to gold and orange and a bit of lime green.

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