Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ludurana Emocionante

I've always loved duo/multichromes, but I think there can only be so many, as far as shift is concerned. Orangey-red to green is a main one, and really, the only changes in the shift of a multichrome are where in the spectrum it falls and in which direction.

That being said, it's soo nice to find a multichrome that does everything I could want. I was going to buy HITS: Artsy, but HITS polishes are not 3-free, and in our toxic world, I try to do my best to avoid harmful chemicals. And either way, it's not like you can't make a great polish without them, since most main companies do, and that doesn't affect the price.

Anyway, Emocianante is an eggplant purple with a blue flash. The polish itself goes from purple to wine-pink to orange and gold, and is tinged with chartreuse in some lights. The pink/orange shift is really strong, and so it's often like having a sunset on your fingertips, with the bottoms being blue and purple, still.

The formula was thin, as is common, but very easy to manipulate, dried well, and was smooth as glass. As an added bonus, these polishes have a violet scent to them. It's not strong or obnoxious, either. Now, on to the gorgeous pictures.

As you can see, unlike a lot of other polishes, this polish is EXACTLY on the nail as it is in the bottle. There is no disappointment.  As an aside, this polish has no base color, and is only comprised of the pigment particles. I loved this and it wore very well. I was sad to take it off. ;(


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