Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Green Swatches

Todays post is a skittles style swatch... and also a short story.

So I've Lemmniged OPI At Your Quebec And Call for a long time. I discovered it along with two purples (also HTF) when I got into polish, and by that time they'd been off shelves for years. Saaaadness! But fortune smiled upon me. One day, for reasons I can't remember, I was in an Albertson's near my house that I NEVER shop at. And for reasons I can't remember, I walked down the cosmetics aisle. There, in one of those innocuous white bins used for random markdown items, was a handful of polish. A red OPI, and two other colors. What were they? OH DEAR GOD! None other than AYQAC and Catherine the Grape! Catherine is one of the other two polishes I was (along with Pikaki Phakakta Plum). Man did I EVER buy both polishes! They were like $1.99! Absolutely amazing.

In any event, I will swatch both ATQAC and CTG later on their own, but sadly (sorta) I must tell you  now I did some fiddling with CTG to make it a bit bluer ad duskier like Phakakta Plum. Anywho, this set of skittles is from left to right: OPI At Your Quebec And Call, OPI Just Spotted The Lizard, Wet n' Wild Carribean Frost and Sprinkles (by WNW) Peacock. Peacock was terribly hard to remove (too bad I didn't know about the glue!) but amusingly enough, the sticker on the bottom with the barcode and ingredients within says "Use Protection". lol what? These were two coats each.
I have no idea how I managed to get such a blurry shot.

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