Monday, July 30, 2012

Shake the dust off!

Woo! Anybody out there?

It's been a long, long time. /Glados

I recently acquired some new polishes, and completely forgot I had a camera. Long story short, I thought we had gotten rid of it or something. This totally sucks, because I have had some GREAT manis and didn't take pictures! I'll have to swatch them. One of note is one of the long-awaited Clarins 230 dupes out there. I purchased two from etsy, one from Enkelini and another from Darling Diva polish. I will do a comparison for you all some time this week. Between those two sellers I also picked up some glitters and some fiiiine ass holos! I also got Girly Bits' Into the Night from Llarowe this week- fantastic shipping, btw, and I need to swatch that, too. I have lots of work to do! There's also a glitter or two that I've picked up over the oh.. year or so that I've been gone, and surely some odds and ends.

Then I'll review some whipped shea, and sometime within a month or two, a Posset's Perfume haul. Also hair update: I have dreadlocks now! It's fantastic and I love them, so in the Natural Hair section of things, I can talk a bit about how I care for them.

Is there anything else? Hmmm.... Oh! Some lipgloss reviews, but that's a ways off.

Thanks for looking, Ciao~