Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's new? LOTS. (Pic Heavy)

So FINALLY I'm posting the end of my Zoya haul! These are the Hot Lips I bought. The colors I -wanted- weren't all listed on the site, so I had to go hunting for them. The good part is I found them on other sites. The bad thing is they are the old formulas, full of parabens, and I don't want to wear them. But I figured I'd swatch them... for science. These balms are thick and can gunk up a little. I can see why they call them balms and not glosses.
Alias, Voodoo, Gypsy and Resolution

Also, Tokidoki's Devil Girl was calling me, because the formula on these is WAY better than the one on the NYXs I have, and the girlie on the top is cute. This gloss is insanely red in the sunlight, inside the tube.

pardon the glitter, it's from the Zoyas.

Also, here is a surprisingly long-wearing polish, the taupe from Hot Topic. I've worn this all week from Saturday- it didn't chip until yesterday, and it hasn't chipped at all, since. God I love that bottle.

Speaking of skulls, here are some shadows I bought (like an idiot, you can get the same thing on Etsy for like 3 bucks... I remembered later) from Sephora. The left is a green I forget the name of from Shady Lady THE BALM or whatever, and the right is the cuuuuute Romeo from Tokidoki. THE BALM's shadow has a great color payoff, it's almost hard to remove easily.
aw, cute, a heart and crossbones.

With a skull shape inside <3<3

Ah, and what else do we have today? NUBARRRR HAUL.

Purple rain, Purple Beach, 2010, Gold Leaf, Peacock Feather, Gold Feather (totally mislabeled below o.0) Iris dust and Moon Shadow.

I. Can't. Wait.

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  1. Awesome Haul, I need to add Purple Beach to my collection :)


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