Friday, September 3, 2010

A nubar and an eye haul

Purple Rain is so. pretty. For some reason when I looked at pics of it online I didn't realized it was a holo. Now I like my holos solid. I don't like scattered ones like CC Wild at Heart or the Milani ones. But super sparse is nice. I love polishes that have a bit of a 'magic' look to them. This is 3 coats of the dark violet (with lighter purple glitter) jelly.

I ordered some samples from a seller on Etsy, Spectrum, a while back, received them, loved the selection and prices so much that I went back and bought like 25+ of them. $3 for a 3 oz. jar (except the glitters), not bad. Here's what I got! 

2nd pic to show glitter

This is Chocolate and Cinnamon, Dirty Girl, Sassy, Custom Matte Grey (I wanted something in the same tone as Nimbus without the shimmer. She is a really great mixtress!), Nimbus, Midnight (the glitter) and Frostbite. C&C is a copper tinged reddish brown (much stronger irl), Dirty Girl is a taupe/mushroom shimmer, Sassy is actually a pale buff, but the blue flash is so strong my skintone overpowers the base color and leaves just it. It actually looks really nice thinner. The other colors pretty much speak for themselves.

Eos 2 and Eos (both the same sort of color as Mac Red Brown. I Eos 2 is like Urban Decay Bruise and Eos is like Orly Galaxy girl. I already have two colors like this, one a dupe and one that's more green than teal, with a base more brown than red, but I want to use them in frankens). Snapdragon, Cordial, Brick, Fatality (a sample she included~), Custom Matte Orange (I told her I wanted a burnt orange/pumpkin and she got it RIGHT on the nail!), Tango, Dubloon and Aztec.

Bottom right, Raven is a duochrome.
This is Key Lime (an included sample), Radioactive by Glittersniffer, not Spectrum*, Custom Matte Green (I asked for army drab/olive. Once again, just what I asked for!), Forrestry (L) and that dumb expensive green from The Balm (R) that isn't as deep OR shiny. >:/, Peacock, Scale, Dragonfly, Ferric and Raven.

Dementia next to Amber by Glittersniffer*, and then a purple by Orglamix (just wanted to see if it was like Dementia. It's so not.), Poe, Iris and Haze. The liner is UD Ecstasy, and Spectrum totally sells a pigment that matches it, called Lenore. I just didn't get it because I pussed out on the brightness.

All in all I am totally and completely pleased. The seller was nice, is clearly good at what she does, shipped fast, the packaging was intact and spill-less, and there is a great..'spectrum' (lol) of colors in her shop, which is here. Do go and take a look around! 

_________________________drama, ugh___________________

*Here's the Glittersniffer debaucle from a year or so ago: I bought a bunch of colors from her shop, including a peachy pink color. I don't like pink, but I like matte peachy pinks on my lids. When I got my order, it wasn't there, but there was a barbie pink and a matte hot pink instead. I messaged her and said I figured there must be some mistake, but she said no, she just didn't have the one I ordered, and sent those instead. 

Now to this I replied that I wish she had simply told me, since I don't enjoy pinks and would gladly wait for her to make the requested pigment again, or just get a refund. As it stood, I now had TWO colors I didn't want instead of the one I paid for.

She outright refused to make more of the color I wanted, and said she wouldn't refund me since she sent the other two colors. This did not sit well with me. I told you what I wanted, paid for it, you sent me something else. Fix it or give me my money back, right? Well, I told her my opinion in a far more polite but no less firm manner. It went like this (verbatim c&p):

Me: Yeah, I would like you to send the color I selected. It may have seemed a kindness at the time, but I would have preferred to be notified that the color I wanted wasn't available. I would rather have waited than receive two pinks I am totally uninterested in. I do like the new jars, btw.

She basically said that she didn't have Skyla at the moment, and that the two pinks she sent should more than make up for it.
Whatever, I put negative feedback on the order. Not of out spite, but out of honesty, citing that the pigments were great, but the seller did not communicate well, to which she sent, no lie, just... "Huh?!" Because I had put my negative feedback up.

Her: I will not ship you a new Skyla until you fix that negative feedback. That is unfair.

Me: "Huh?!" Nothing. What a cute joke. You are being immature. I will fix the negative feedback when I receive the item. I am not going to put positive feedback on something I don't have, and apparently wasn't going to get until I complained. You need to work on your customer service. If you had simply sent me a note, like you are now, that Skyla wasn't available, this wouldn't happen. As it is, all you need to do at this point is send me what I paid *money* for. At that point the transaction is settled and you will receive better feedback, although at this rate it won't be better than neutral if you don't fix your attitude. Negative feedback means your customer service isn't 100%, you aren't perfect. That's business. Twisting my arm won't get you what you want.

If you went to a restaurant, ordered a salad and then were given pasta with no explanation, you would assume a mistake had been made. Once you told the waiter to bring your salad, what would you say if he said "I'll bring you your salad, but only if you promise never to say anything to anyone, or give me a good tip. THEN I'll bring you your salad" I hope you'd laugh in his face and call the manager, because that's a steaming load.

I'm a nice person but you are handling this very, very poorly. Please send me the eyeshadow I selected and paid you for. Thank you.

The reply I got? ...
Nothing but negative feedback on my 3 purchases, along with this remark: Buyer got free product and still had the nerve to complain. Pretty uncouth in my opinion.

To her merit, she sent me a Kiss and Make Up like a month and more later, but I had moved on and didn't care to accept. The only reason I went through the bother of even posting this was to warn people that she might not be the best seller in the customer service dept. Then I noticed that her makeup shop on etsy is straight up gone, but it does look like she has a new site up. I wish her all the best. Maybe she was just PMSing that day... But you'd be better off buying from Spectrum!


  1. I like the eyeshadow swatches, too bad the seller caused so much drama. Cant wait to see more Nubar swatches!

  2. Oh, the seller I purchased from caused 0 drama. Glittersniffer is someone else. I don't suggest using her at all.

  3. You were completely right, bad seller! The pigments above are gorgeous! :)

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