Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Nubars and Orly Space Cadet

Here we go-
Gold Feather is aptly named, but not so pretty, IMO. It looks yellow-gold in the bottle, but it's more of a gold sheer-orange with a green flash that is MUCH stronger than what came out in the above pic. It does look like an iridescent bird feather, to me. 

Pardon the crap pic. :/ Here it is layered with 2010, which was pretty fitting. Close up:

Next is Peacock Feathers, which couldn't be more accurate (Well it could, as Peacocks are more green than blue, but whatever). I is blue and duochromes from purple through to green and sometimes a bit of gold. This part is pic-heavy:

Next is Purple Beach, another uncannily named polish. It does have a weird sandy side. It goes from silvery-purple through copper and pink to gold and green. A really -nice- green, too. The base is a deep muted teal/ciel color.

Such a nice color, but here comes its new cousin- ORLY SPACE CADET. This polish is the third out of the Cosmic FX Collection that I wanted. The rest are too plain and dupe-y (really, the whole collection is, save for the finish of the three I have). On to the many many pics!

Crazy awesome finish and stronger duochrome, compared to Purple Beach.. I like them both, though. BTW the Orly Cosmic FXs wear like iron! Ciao!


  1. I’m your new follower. Really like your blog! Maybe you could check out mine sometime:

  2. Hilarious, I've had the exact opposite wear with the Cosmic FX collection. They chip on me before the 1st day is over....They are gorgeous though!

    They look great on you hands!

  3. Space Cadet looks amazing on you :D


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