Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend nail art

Just fiddling around. Not really for any reason, although I do realize that I have yet to show you a few of the ChG polishes I have. Here's a 40s-50s ish mani I did with Heirloom Organza as the base color.

I used the holo glitter black from Hot Topic, and then an Art Club holo black brush for a straighter line, and the dots. Today I tried out a black art pen from Sally Hansen. Not tooo bad. It acts a little weird. Watery, I guess. Just some baroque doodles over Sinful Let's Talk.

Let's talk is notoriously hard to photograph. It's a bright ultraviolet shade of purple, and that is faaantastic. Anyway, I'm off to do things. I still need to show you the rest of my zoya haul. I suck e.e. Ciao!

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