Sunday, August 1, 2010

~don't know what to call thissss~

I put some suave naturals condish and castor oil in my hair, and tied it back with a rawhide string. The makeup is a mineral eyeshadow from TheAllNaturalFace, some Nyx glitter at the corners, Urban Decay Fantasy, and Nyx Fat Eye Marker. The earrings are both from Etsy. Of course, since I'm impatient, you can still see conditioner in the first pic. In the second, I toned down the warmth of my lipgloss with Milani 3-D Glitzy Gloss: Movie Star.


  1. I love this style too! Your hair is so thick and headbands look very cool. How long have you been natural?

  2. My BC was August 11th last year, and I stopped relaxing in April before that. I'm sooo happy I did it.


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