Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend nail art

Just fiddling around. Not really for any reason, although I do realize that I have yet to show you a few of the ChG polishes I have. Here's a 40s-50s ish mani I did with Heirloom Organza as the base color.

I used the holo glitter black from Hot Topic, and then an Art Club holo black brush for a straighter line, and the dots. Today I tried out a black art pen from Sally Hansen. Not tooo bad. It acts a little weird. Watery, I guess. Just some baroque doodles over Sinful Let's Talk.

Let's talk is notoriously hard to photograph. It's a bright ultraviolet shade of purple, and that is faaantastic. Anyway, I'm off to do things. I still need to show you the rest of my zoya haul. I suck e.e. Ciao!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Zoya part 3 and Orly Cosmic FX

Zoya Raine. I can't for the life of me get my camera to show flashes at full intensity, but the pink flash on this one is pretty strong. It's a dusty lilac pink sheer beneath that, and it looks incredibly soft on your nails irl. Also, I don't know what the heck was up with my cuticles in this pic. Shame shame.

And OMG... Adina... Sorry for all the pics... it's so pretty!

Drooool. Adina is like OPI SOC but more purple and more opaque. And because it's stronger and more opaque, you can see more of the green to copper flash. Love it! I want to konad in black over it so badly, but I don't have a konad and don't plan on getting one. :p Oh well! Now this is the last of my Zoya polishes, but not the last of my Zoya haul... More on that later. Now for Orly stuff! I got It's Not Rocket Science and Galaxy Girl, I'm camping out for Space Cadet, and maybe I'll get Out of This World, but I'm less willing to pay full price for it. It's kinda dupey.

Galaxy Girl is soo nice, a bit darker than I expected on the nail. It's a dark red jelly with teal glitter that goes light red in some lights.

It's Not Rocket Science is a shade of green that I just LOVE. Best believe I'm getting Zombie Zest as soon as I can. And OPI At Your Quebec and Call. But anyway! The weather is ass here, and sometimes by the time I am surprised by a glimpse of sun I've already done something to my mani.. like this tentacular bit of art:

Aaaaanyway, I'm supposed to be getting to the gym, soon. >.>...and I've finished my Orgo 1 class! Hopefully Zoya pt 4 will be soon forthcoming. Ciao!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

INTERMISSION! Lots of pics~

So I'm taking a pause from my Zoya haul because A) I'm getting INSANELY backlogged, and B) because Adina is taking a while to get here! I've also been very busy with my Organic Chem class, so forgive the lack of posts. Once I get back on my feet again, I'm going to work up more Health Tips for you all, when I have time to research it.

So. A few weeks ago I spied this new WnW in the store. It *looked* like a dark violet base with blue pigment, much like how Let's Groove and Daddy's Girl are actually purple pigments in blue bases. But it isn't, really. It was blue. Now blue is a color I HATE to wear, save on my eyelids. I don't know why, but that color doesn't vibe with me. ...but...strangely enough, I wore this for days. I enjoyed it. At first, I didn't understand why, but then my color memory kicked in: This deep, saturated blue is the same color as a crayon I used to love, called Ciel Blue. So, here we have Blue Moon:

I can't remember how many coats this was, but I remember it was very opaque, so it's probably 2. It wore surprisingly well.

Also that week, I picked up some Hot Topic polishes. They have no label, and are really cheap.
It's a red glitter in a jelly base, an extremely dark purple something, a taupe creme, a string holo in a grey jelly base that looks just like GOSH Bright Passion and L.A. Girl Supernova, a black holo glitter polish, and a black silver glitter polish. Here are the swatches:
Huh. Unexpected. The red and the dark purple were matte, but the purple is a jelly!. But that taupe is very nice, no? So is the string, but it's nothing special (aside from saving shipping and money if you want its dupes). Here they are with topcoat:
And the last two blurred for glitter. The silver glitter polish was a jelly<3:

Also, I seem to have China Glazes that I haven't swatched for some reason. WTF. Anyway, here's LOL. I skipped out on buying this when I got OMG because for some reason, I felt that a colored holo was dumb. DUMB? Come on, it's purple!

More stuff coming up! You'd best believe I'm in on those Orlys...>.>

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zoya part 2

I had been hoping Demi was a bit more muted, but it is still nice nonetheless. Two coats, I think. 

Juicy has a complaint list, right? Well it went on fine for me. Much more red-toned than expected, but a lovely jelly nonetheless. 3 coats, and odd shots because it's been raining at odd times here, and it's hard to find sunlight.

It was raining so much that day... anyway, here's the LOVELY Ki, which is a grey-toned duochrome like Stellare Notte. Unlike that one, though, it tends to stay silvery purple in most lights, and has a green flash at certain angles.  2 coats to opacity, but three to even it out. Ciao!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

~don't know what to call thissss~

I put some suave naturals condish and castor oil in my hair, and tied it back with a rawhide string. The makeup is a mineral eyeshadow from TheAllNaturalFace, some Nyx glitter at the corners, Urban Decay Fantasy, and Nyx Fat Eye Marker. The earrings are both from Etsy. Of course, since I'm impatient, you can still see conditioner in the first pic. In the second, I toned down the warmth of my lipgloss with Milani 3-D Glitzy Gloss: Movie Star.