Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zoya Haul part one!

Yep! Finally! I'm catching up with you all xD. Starting off, here's Irene. I *loved* wearing it. Does Zoya make any color that doesn't have a hint of duochrome? This is a shimmer, not a duochrome, yes, but if you tip your hand the right way, the gold/olive green looks less gold because some of the pigment becomes blued.

Next is Dovima. I got this purely for ruffian purposes. It was dark when I did this, so there aren't as many pictures. But Dovima is a matte gunmetal shimmer. It's not at all complicated xD


Aaaannnd Rihana. I've been lusting after this one for a while, but I'm honestly disappointed. Not in the color, but in the funky application. It was kind of... unspreadable at times, and didn't level out entirely. Odd. Oh well, it's such a nice burgundy shimmer.

That's it for now, gotta pace myself!


  1. What color did you use for the top coat on the ruffian? Also, HOW do you do a ruffian? Do you just have a steady hand or what? I've been wondering that and hopefully I haven't asked you this previously. I can't remember right now so please excuse me if I have. *sheepish grin* :)

  2. These colors are some of my favorites from Zoya, but my end all favorite is "Adina" is gorgeous!

    @Sailor Taylor- I believe she dd the ruffian by just applying top coat. I've done this same trick before, too! :)


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