Monday, July 19, 2010


Okay so hint hint, a LOT of new, fun stuff is coming my way.

Let's move backwards, though.

Here's Lippmann's Bitches Brew. I have photos of it up already, but they suck, so I did it again.

Pardon the ring finger- I had to redo that one quickly because I spilled clove EO on it and it stripped the finish RIGHT off.

Here are some quick pics of a Let's Talk mani. Ok 2 coats to opacity, but 3 coats to proper depth. A very electric indigo. The formula kind of sucks because it's VERY runny. But come on, these sinfuls are how much, again? xD

w ChG Wireless on top! <3

Annnd here's a sneak peak of what I will be wearing after thisssss!

 ....Clearly, I have a wicked purple obsession. BTW Nfu Ohs are on sale through the end of Julyyy!

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