Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nyx Tube Glosses

I don't know why I forgot to post these- I bought them forever ago. They're nice thickish glosses that diminish initially after an hour or so, but eh, they're cheap. Paraben-free, application smoothness varies, but there's a nice brush to apply with.

 Here's clear:

Okay, hot is hard to even out if you wear a lot of it. And I don't know why I bought it because it's pearly/frosty. I just really wanted a candy pink and there weren't a lot at the display, I think. An even bigger mystery is why I bought Orange. It's pearly, too, but with GLITTER. What am I, 12? I must've been on that good crack. Not saying it's not cute if you dig it, but I hate glittery, pearly glosses. Thinking back, though,  I got those two free in a sale. That explains it. >.>


  1. Orange and Rose are my fav, hands down. If I wasn't about to head to boot camp and didn't want to waste my money on something I would just have to throw away, I would SO get those. They look good:)

  2. Really? Girl if we were close friends I'd give them to you, so you didn't have to waste your cash. Good luck with boot camp!

  3. I like the sheerer shades, they are good to keep in your purse, desk at work or car!

    My favorites are cherry and rose!


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