Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nfu Ohs 116 and 554

Okay, 116 I've been wanting for FOREVER. It's a blue-flashed magenta/berry/wine/whatever. The formula is nice, thin in a good way, and applies like loveliness. The blue flash is more apparent indoors and like.. in my car, than I could capture it here.

Yeah. Definitely right up my alley. Next, #554. It's a... purple. It's a purple purple. Kinda blue-leaning, so violet. It's in the creme series, and it's like... it wishes really hard it's a jelly. It's very pigmented and glossy and almost ALMOST semi-translucent. I didn't put on any topcoat for this swatch because my Poshe was stupid gloopy and suddenly the thinner isn't sold in stores ANYWHERE around me. :/ It bubbled up like mad after this, and I ended up with sheet marks 6+ hours later :p ....Anyway, I bought new topcoat xD. This is 3 coats, as is the mani above.

...There is SO much more fun stuff coming up, it KILLS me that I don't have more followers to show it to! Try and spread the word, chicas, okay? 


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