Friday, July 23, 2010

Minimini NYX Haul

So that FAT Eyemarker? I'm in love with it. I want another one as a backup. It makes just the kind of line that I want and doesn't feather. It also reflects less light than a regular pen, which is important to me because I want black eyeliner to look as black as possible against my dark skin. It cost $10.00 and I bought it at Cherry Culture. Perhaps I should have shown it off with a fancier eye, but eh, I had a paper to write today. P.S. My lashes are super lame and for that reason I don't always tend to even bother with mascara, and therefore there isn't any in this pic.

I also ordered two of the round glosses. These are fun and cheap, and oddly enough, paraben-free! I'm so sad that the NYX display at my Ulta, though huge, does not include the round glosses, only the more opaque square ones. Those aren't really my style, and they're a bit goopy :/. I bought Apricot and Queen of Africa. The formula isn't particularly line-filling and juicy, but the color's not that weak, either. It has decent staying time and color payoff, and isn't that sticky. The applicator is an angled doefoot, which is better than a regular doefoot, at least.

Apricot is the kind of color *I* call a coral, but that's not accurate. It's..well, apricot. An orange-pink color. It's pretty bright in the tube.    

Queen of Africa is a dark magenta that looks just like Nfu Oh 116 in the tube! Yayyy. Of course, that blue flash isn't that apparent on the lips, even if you apply heavily (which isn't a good idea with these glosses- they aren't thick enough for that.) I had a hard time getting pics of it- I'm learning!- so just know that in most lights, it's a pretty saturated magenta, not a berry or anything.


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