Saturday, July 31, 2010

Milani glosses

Meeeehhhh. I was eyeing the 3-D Glitzies for a while on and off. Warning: I can't find ingredients for these ANYWHERE. That being said, I picked up Movie Star from that line. It's okay. Would be a nice topper, but nothing great for the price.

They also have a gloss with much nicer, natural ingredients, called 'Buzz Worthy'. The packaging is cute. The gloss? PFF. Okay, it smells/tastes okay and the ingredients are good. (Beeswax, vitamin E, natural oils, etc), but what looks like the color of the gloss is just a glitter suspended in the actual gloss, and it's not dense at ALL. These went straight into the makeup box after swatching. If you want a little somethin' somethin', sure, pick these up. But really, they are nothing special at. all. This is Bee-utifiul...where's all that nice wine color?

And Buzz-Worthy, which is a nice gold 'topcoat' at best.

Meh, whatevs. On to some other stuff...

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