Thursday, July 8, 2010

I return!

And with lots of stuff to show you, to make up for the lack thereof!

Ok, to be fair, two whole weeks between now and my last post have been strictly overcast. So there are a couple of swatches here where I just gave up and settled for the weak a** light outside. :p

First off is a jelly franken I made that's normally a grape-purple, but all the blue pigment sank, and I ended up with this LOVELY burgundy because I didn't shake it! I'll shake it later and swatch that, but for now, here it is:

Then, I finally picked up OPI Purple with a Purpose. Honestly? I'm disappointed. It's too soft a purple- it reminds me of someone's mom or something. However, that pro-wide brush is still the bee's knees, and it was almost a one-coater. The formula is smooth and very easy to work with.

The same day, I picked up the last two Sinful purples that were taunting me: Let's Talk and Fiji. Let's talk is kinda too blue for me most of the time- although I love how loud it was. Fiji is a surprisingly sheer polish, and sorta runny. Four coats are pictured, and that's why it's dented in some of the pics; I couldn't keep from smudging it twice to save my life >:[ Index and Pinkie are PwaP, Middle is Let's Talk, Ring is Fiji.

I picked up Milani Garnet Gems, too. Like other glitter-in-jelly polishes, it isn't as glitter-saturated as it looks. It's a near-black, and just like WnW Night Prowl, I don't know why I like it so much- esPECially because it's like a glitter version of OPI Moscow after Midnight. I hate that polish >:/ But this is a jelly, and it speaks to my not-so-inner goth kid. Three coats for opacity, okay formula. I guess it's worth 3.99? Eh, whatever. I like it!

Now this last one is one of my favorite polishes, and types of polish. Peacock-gunmetal greys. This is Borghese Stellare Notte. Similar polishes are Zoya's Ki, Nubar Peacock Feathers, and that new Orly. And I will own ALL of these, no matter how similar. (Ki is lighter, Peacock Feathers is more colorful, but I think the Orly is a close dupe). IRL, the colors this shows are obvious and awesome, but my camera flaked on me, so one of them is manipulated. The sides of this are steely blue, purple flash (with a weak gold...double duochrome?) and deep forest green. It's this side of the polish that made me consider getting a deep green polish to wear, when that's not normally my thing. The formula is nearly a one-coater, and very nice. Drying time is okay... but can be slow. The brush is godly, and the first time I used it I fell in love. Pity, there is not one. single. other Borghese polish that I want. Not a single one. So this poor bottle has to hang out alone :/ But what a lovely bottle it is! Check out that galactic color change in the pics~

This polish looks just like a Tahitian/Peacock pearl. ....I love pearls so much that I'd trade diamonds for them, no lie. So of course I love this!!

Thanks for looking, Ciao!

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