Saturday, July 10, 2010

Haul and NOTD

I went to Sephora and picked up the Tokidoki stuff I wanted, and a couple of things suggested to me for dry hair. Let's start with Tokidoki. I bought three prisma glosses, two lip markers, and an eye pencil. I really had to get out of there before I lurked near the Dior Addict Lipgloss display for too long x.x

The prisma glosses are...fantastic. And they'd better be, for that price. I'm a little ashamed to admit that one of them I bought for packaging alone- since it's not even pigmented. But GOD the package is SO cute! And after wearing them today, I think I'll pick up Devil Girl, too, even though I have NYX cherry which is the exact same color. The formula isn't watery , but it's not heavy or sticky, and it lasts a looong time and is nice and glassy looking, which is my fave. I like my glosses like I like my polish- jelly. The spatula worked fine for me, and it's neat to use. Anyway, I bought Bullets (totally sheer lilac), Adios (sheer purple), and Rocketeer (less-sheer plum)

Ugh, how cute is that?! Rocketeer, Adios, and Bullets. As you can see, I really am a purple-aholic. I didn't take a regular pic of Bullets because it's so sheer, but here it is in a messy-looking comparison. This comparison is Bullets, Rocketeer and Adios, left to right.



Next up, the two lip markers. They're bullet shaped, which is adorable, with the character emblazoned on the tube. The felt tip is really stiff, and it's kinda awkward to use. I mostly used the side to apply, and had it pointing down to do my upper lip. You get more pigment this way, too. As with all stains, make sure your lips are evenly exfoliated/not broken or chapped. And they go on matte. 

That's the melodia pencil in the middle. Lookit the cute pitchforks!

Nana Star


The eye pencil was the biggest waste of money, though, I think. It goes on smooth, doesn't smudge too much, and the glitter won't scrape you up. But at the end of the day, it's just an eyeliner pencil, and most of the glitter hardly shows >:[ Melodia is gunmetal grey with gold glitter.

lllaaaaame. But I'm too lazy to get my money back, and I like it a'ight.

Moving on... Hair.

I've been having some hair issues and this summer heat is killer. I picked up Carol's Daughter Hair Milk and Black Vanilla Leave-in Spray Conditioner. The latter is not that impressive- I almost feel like Frank Juice would do better. However, I do like that vodka is an ingredient, lol. The Hair Milk is pretty boss, though, my curls were super soft and well-defined. Well, not the crown :/ But it's totally worth the money, and a little goes a loooong way!

I also saw the Ouidad comb there.. and figured I'd get it since I had extra cash. It's HUEG.

I used it in the shower today, and at first I was unimpressed. But the comb is stiff as hell, and that keeps you from having to apply excessive force with your own grip. I also think that because of the laxity in my beloved Denman, my detangling isn't as complete, because you can get the bristles to skip over smaller tangles. I don't have much breakage with the Denman, and I don't shed much, but I do like this comb. I also like that you can rinse all the conditioner from it, and it has nowhere for water to go, inside.

Aaaanyway, here's my NOTD. I was gonna do somethin else, but then I got bored and put some Yasmeen on and I was like WOAH WTF why hadn't I been wearing this? I posted a pic of it already, but they aren't good, so here goes again! I LOVE this color! 2 coats~

I'm noticing that most blue-based (it is, you just can't really tell because of all the pigment) purples have a duochrome to them. Sooo here's a bottle pic. Effect, as you all already know, doesn't show on the nail.



  1. I love Tokidoki!

    So, your NOTD is Yasmeen over your jelly franken?


  2. Oh nono! It's just yasmeen by itself. I was wearing Stellare Notte before it~


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