Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aannnd hair photoshoot!

Because the frohawk is my favorite thing ever. Mind you, there is still conditioner and jojoba in my hair in these pics x3 you can see it a little. :p

Zoya Haul part one!

Yep! Finally! I'm catching up with you all xD. Starting off, here's Irene. I *loved* wearing it. Does Zoya make any color that doesn't have a hint of duochrome? This is a shimmer, not a duochrome, yes, but if you tip your hand the right way, the gold/olive green looks less gold because some of the pigment becomes blued.

Next is Dovima. I got this purely for ruffian purposes. It was dark when I did this, so there aren't as many pictures. But Dovima is a matte gunmetal shimmer. It's not at all complicated xD


Aaaannnd Rihana. I've been lusting after this one for a while, but I'm honestly disappointed. Not in the color, but in the funky application. It was kind of... unspreadable at times, and didn't level out entirely. Odd. Oh well, it's such a nice burgundy shimmer.

That's it for now, gotta pace myself!

Milani glosses

Meeeehhhh. I was eyeing the 3-D Glitzies for a while on and off. Warning: I can't find ingredients for these ANYWHERE. That being said, I picked up Movie Star from that line. It's okay. Would be a nice topper, but nothing great for the price.

They also have a gloss with much nicer, natural ingredients, called 'Buzz Worthy'. The packaging is cute. The gloss? PFF. Okay, it smells/tastes okay and the ingredients are good. (Beeswax, vitamin E, natural oils, etc), but what looks like the color of the gloss is just a glitter suspended in the actual gloss, and it's not dense at ALL. These went straight into the makeup box after swatching. If you want a little somethin' somethin', sure, pick these up. But really, they are nothing special at. all. This is Bee-utifiul...where's all that nice wine color?

And Buzz-Worthy, which is a nice gold 'topcoat' at best.

Meh, whatevs. On to some other stuff...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Do I need to say anything? Nope. But I will. A) this polish HATES my Poshe basecoat. Guh, that was hell. B) It's better than OMG in every way. That is all!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nyx Tube Glosses

I don't know why I forgot to post these- I bought them forever ago. They're nice thickish glosses that diminish initially after an hour or so, but eh, they're cheap. Paraben-free, application smoothness varies, but there's a nice brush to apply with.

 Here's clear:

Okay, hot is hard to even out if you wear a lot of it. And I don't know why I bought it because it's pearly/frosty. I just really wanted a candy pink and there weren't a lot at the display, I think. An even bigger mystery is why I bought Orange. It's pearly, too, but with GLITTER. What am I, 12? I must've been on that good crack. Not saying it's not cute if you dig it, but I hate glittery, pearly glosses. Thinking back, though,  I got those two free in a sale. That explains it. >.>

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nfu Ohs 553 and 552

Okay, the last two jelly-cremes from my recent additions. 553 is a fuchsia-purple, and I love it maybe even more than 554. I dunno. I love this set. The color changes a lot depending on the light.

And today, I'm wearing 552, it's a deep berry magenta color. Totally jelly. God I love these!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Minimini NYX Haul

So that FAT Eyemarker? I'm in love with it. I want another one as a backup. It makes just the kind of line that I want and doesn't feather. It also reflects less light than a regular pen, which is important to me because I want black eyeliner to look as black as possible against my dark skin. It cost $10.00 and I bought it at Cherry Culture. Perhaps I should have shown it off with a fancier eye, but eh, I had a paper to write today. P.S. My lashes are super lame and for that reason I don't always tend to even bother with mascara, and therefore there isn't any in this pic.

I also ordered two of the round glosses. These are fun and cheap, and oddly enough, paraben-free! I'm so sad that the NYX display at my Ulta, though huge, does not include the round glosses, only the more opaque square ones. Those aren't really my style, and they're a bit goopy :/. I bought Apricot and Queen of Africa. The formula isn't particularly line-filling and juicy, but the color's not that weak, either. It has decent staying time and color payoff, and isn't that sticky. The applicator is an angled doefoot, which is better than a regular doefoot, at least.

Apricot is the kind of color *I* call a coral, but that's not accurate. It's..well, apricot. An orange-pink color. It's pretty bright in the tube.    

Queen of Africa is a dark magenta that looks just like Nfu Oh 116 in the tube! Yayyy. Of course, that blue flash isn't that apparent on the lips, even if you apply heavily (which isn't a good idea with these glosses- they aren't thick enough for that.) I had a hard time getting pics of it- I'm learning!- so just know that in most lights, it's a pretty saturated magenta, not a berry or anything.