Thursday, June 3, 2010

A wonderful mistake: Milani Rad Purple

The folks at Milani must be smokin' crack.

Rad Purple is part of their current NEON set, and comes in an opaque purple bottle. Annnd here it is.
Indoor, 3 coats

4 coats
More 'natural' light


Ok so here's the deal. I was idly going through new uploads on Nailgal and came across a swatch of this  and immediately my jaw DROPPED. I love love love love jellies! I knew I had to get this that DAY and I so did. The bad part? Well, there are three bad things going on here. One: I like to buy within brands, and I hate to have random-ass bottles in my stash. So now that I have one Milani, I will have to get a couple more to round things out (I already have Totally Cool and I have designs on that Bella Berry jelly. It's way too dark for my tastes, really, but it IS a jelly and Milani doesn't really have anything else that I think I want.) Two: This color is more purple indoors in real life than the swatches. Actually, the 'natural' light one is accurate, but the others don't catch the blue tinge and the delicious jelly depth it gives. It's more like blackberry juice than raspberry. And Three: THE SUN WILL NOT COME OUT. I will not tell you that I got up on a stool to take pics over that halogen lamp so I could get some natural light pics up in this mofo. That totally didn't happen <.<

Anyway, this is one of my new faves! SO not a neon, though in the right light at the right angle and in a thin coat, I can sorta see what Milani *meant*. In the end, this is a very happy mistake.


  1. The opaque bottle turns me off, if I can;t see the product, I won't buy it!

    I wonder what does it look like if you layer it over white polish (like other neons) ?

  2. yeah, I think opaque bottles are a baaadd idea! We don't buy makeup we can't see. I even hate how Poshe's restoring base coat has a blue laminate- I can never see how much is left without holding it up to a like :p I don't understand why they did this, and since I don't like neons OR opaque bottles, I wasn't gonna get it. But jelllyyy. I'll try layering it over a white base this weekend, so you can see!


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