Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swatch Weekend! Warning: Pic heavy!

Here's Color Club Electronica. Like Revv'd up, I'm not sure I want to keep it. In fact, I know for a fact I'm not big on blues. This is an indigo polish (That's right, indigo, not blurple. Calling a color blurple is like calling orange redellow. There is already a color between blue and purple ((violet)), folks) that tends to identify as blue... except in some lights.

 Indoor, shade, weak sun. If it stayed as it shows indoors, I'd keep it. As it is, let me know if you want it x.x This is a two coater, and I *think* it wears well, but aside from this swatch I've only worn it once and couldn't stand it for more than 24 hours.

 Moving on, here's a fast, messy swatch of Sinful's Social Ladder, a semi-sheer, somewhat iridescent microshimmer off-white. Not much to say, this is three coats- the bald spots are because the application was rushed, not because of the formula.

 Indoor, window, shade, sun. And here it is with Milani Rad Purple (wannabe neon) over it, since it was requested, and this color is the closest thing I have to white. 2 coats index and ring, one middle and pinky.

What do you think? Can it call itself a neon now?

 Last but not least, I fall back on purples for my current mani. Sinful Daddy's Girl. This is the 'purple-jelly-with-reddish/orange-to-teal-duochrome-pigment' type polish, like Clarin's 230, Nfu Oh 51, Milani Totally Cool, Collistar Viola Glitter, etc. Of course, the duochrome in this one is low-key, and I'm not sure that people even know it's there. I included some bottle pics to show it- an easy way to check for hidden (aka useless) duochrome is to lift your nails up to eye level, at the side of your head... Or maybe that's just me. It's how I caught OPI SoC! Anyway... This one's pic heavy because I love it soooo much. It's a real catch for $1.99.

Two shots of regular indoor lighting, because I couldn't decide, halogen (that cuts right through jellies), shade, sun and the duochrome in the bottle. How the heck did I get lint or whatever on my finger in the sun shot?! I'm cursed, I tell you! Aaanyway, have a nice weekend, and ciao!


  1. I am SOOOOO HAPPY you said "Indigo". That bugs me too, another invented color that bugs me is "greige"'s called taupe...hilarious! Excellent Post!!!!

  2. The Milani actually look a bit brighter, but still not wowing me. Thanks!

  3. Yeah! And the girls who say geige or greige or whatever ALSO say or know the word taupe! Don't just make up stuff, now. Come on. Speaking of which, I love all of those taupes, for real xD I'm gonna get Essie Demure Vixen, just you wait!

  4. Oh yeah, and I feel you on the Milani. That's just magenta, y'all. Especially when you need 3 coats for real coverage, and it's already dark at two. Pulease.

  5. Demure Vixen looks awesome, I love the shimmer in it! I'm with you on that one, I'm definitely grabbin that one!


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