Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just won't quit!

So, I think it was... Saturday that I put on Daddy's Girl? Then Tuesday that I added 51. It's Thursday, and there is like...1 chip and a half on this mani, with just some tipwear. And through cowashing! That's unheard of, for me. Anyway, I figured I'd celebrate this suuuper pretty mani with some awesomeugly nail art.

I used CC's ArtWhatever art brush in Black Hologram. One thing I will say about Daddy's Girl+51 is that I can't get my camera to show how dark the base color can be, which is even prettier with the flakes flashing all over the place. Very vampy-glow. Anyway, my text is just... completely ineloquent, so on to the pictures.

Heads up, if I don't post this weekend, I'm going on vacation on Sunday, so I won't see you all until next Friday! Ciao!

Edit: More pics! I don't know whyyyy

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