Monday, June 14, 2010

Had a bad daaaay agaaaain -Fuel

I had a pretty stressful day at work, and when I came home, some computer troubles were really getting me riled up. I don't like to get angry, and moreso, I hate being frustrated, because I can only stand it so much before I just wig out and can feel my inner 5th grader having a fit. I don't like it. My mani was in that 'lol i'm about 2 chip' stage, and I was thinking of doing a ruffian for posting's sake. But you know what? No. Nfu Oh to the rescue, because there's nothing more cheerful than those flakies, and the instant gratification of painting my nails is uplifting. Daddy's girl is, to me, the absolute best base for 51 because it is the exact. same. base,  so you can get the depth without the jumble of flakes, which I'm not always in the mood for. A darker, solid base pushes the flakes out more, and that's not what I wanted. Anyway, here's a buttload of random, sorta useless pictures for no good reason other than I took them. Enjoy!


  1. so pretty! and good combo idea :)

  2. Great choice! I love the feather!

  3. This color is GORGEOUS! Great combo. And I love how you jazzed it up with a flower!

  4. Sorry you had a bad day, but your pics are awesome!
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