Saturday, June 19, 2010


 I know I've mentioned how much I love blue flashes, and yesterday, I mentioned that I bought ChG Reggae to Riches. Well SMH! It is hot PANK on me! I mean, I knew it pushed the limits of magenta, but eerrgh. It's not that it's not the color it is in the bottle, but that there's a depth that it looses. I like the bottle a lot :/

This is a mani turned swatch, because I decided that I absolutely would not be seen like this. It was nighttime, so these are all indoors, but you get the idea. It has a verrrry runny formula. Very. But this is only two coats, and there was no cuticle drag. It's dented because I disrespected it for bein' ugly. Nah, I dented it getting my camera. It's probably destined for giveaway, along with Essie Revv'd Up and Electronica.

 This is what I replaced it with- the polish that soothes my Viva la Vespa lemming, Wet n' Wild Eggplant Shimmer. Once again, the French name is better; 'Aubergine Froste'. You'll notice that the bottle is labelless- all my WnWs are, because I hate that cheap sticker. I just memorize the names.

Indoor, window, shade and two sun pics; overall, you can see how sometimes the blue flash diffuses and the polish looks purple. I loooove this color...but then I remembered the one thing that sucks about it. It's definitely one of the drug-store polishes that truly acts its price. I did this yesterday and it's badly chipped already. I think I'm gonna do a holo ruffian. Cross your fingers! 


  1. I love the pink color! I think it goes with your skin tone well and is very summery. The eggplant is very nice as well, but it's dark and moody and, no pun intended, pales in comparison to the pink color. It has life to it, you know?

    I have to ask you about some of your lingo: What is a ruffian? A holo? And there are a few other things that you talk about that I can't remember as of right now. But thanks:)

  2. A holo is a holographic polish, and a Ruffian is a type of manicure with one color near the cuticles, and another um after it, like a reverse french manicure.

  3. Oh! Okay, I get it! Do you use, um, "guides" to help you or do you just have a naturally steady hand? This is interesting! I'll have to google that:) Oh, and I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

  4. remove the labels? There is no way I could memorize all the names, I can usually guess them, but I'm usually off my word or tow :)


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