Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Color Club Rev'd Up

HOMG picked up some polishes todayyy. Anyway, here's CC Rev'd Up. This color has an illusive blue flash that I was not able to catch on camera ;.; It's a loud fuchsia with sparse silver shimmer..glitter. Anyway I'm in love with these magenta/aubergine colors with blue flash. I have like three. And I really just love flash colors anyway. More on that later on this week.

Normally my pics are sun, shade indoors and SOMETIMES an extra, but my camera turned my indoors picture into lemonade, and I'm too lazy to work things out. It suffices to say that indoors, this looks a bit like ChG Stella with silver microglitter, or something. This is two coats, and the pinky is layered over a gazillion polishes because I swatched them on that nail when I bought them today. I couldn't help it- I was excited! The formula is just fine and I have no complaints. Very easy to control.



  1. I passed this color up, and now I think I should not have done that ! darn it! Its so pretty!


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