Tuesday, June 8, 2010

China Glaze Afterglow

I've wanted this color for a long time, but every time I go to Ulta, it's just not there. But last week, there it was. Just sitting there, waiting!

 I think I'm addicted to flashes in my polish. I just think this color is sooooo coool. It's a very sheer peach pink nude with a blue flash. I think I like it because it takes something boring and subtle and makes it cool. It's basically a cousin to OPI SOC, but has an even sheerer base. I will say, that the blue flash was like.. impossible to catch in strong light. Everything just reflected white, and like my pics of SOC, the color came out duller. The flash in this is a nice electric powder blue, and on top of the sheer pink it has a nice pearly effect. But wait! There's more! The flash 'duochromes' into a crazier blue, and then to a sharp fuschia/ultraviolet looking color! And THAT, luckily, I did get a picture of.

Indoor, shade, sun, that crazy duochrome and the base color. My nails aren't dirty, just for some reason my quick is really dark through the nail. It doesn't look that way from underneath >:T

Anyway I like this because unlike most colors like this, it's not frosty, you know? Anyway, ciao!

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  1. Duochromes are great, this is awesome on your hands!


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