Friday, June 18, 2010


 So today I knew I'd go to the BSS and get some porosity control conditioner for my hair. I figured I'd go to Ulta, and pick up OPI Purple with a Purpose or Essie Demure Vixen while I was there. Well one, the people who work at Ulta never have any idea of what I'm looking for and how to find it, when I go for a specific purpose. Two, I noticed they sold Mizani there (interested in trying that line in the future) and I also noticed the Joico K-Pak in the salon section as well.. Hmmm. Remember my long story about protein overload? Well now constant cowashing as weakened my cuticle, and it can't hold water. ;.; Sooo heartbreaking. So I'm thinking of adding something like the K-pak biweekly or monthly, to start.

Okay Four, they did NOT have Purple with a Purpose- I was so crushed! Grrr. I didn't even check for Merry Midnight, but that's cool, because I don't want to pay full price for it. I did notice Plugged-in Plum, which is on my lemming list (which I keep in my purrrse! Not like I need to xD), but I was kinda let down to notice that in the light from the display next to it, the blue flash left. More on that later. So I saw Essie Summer 2010 display- NO DEMURE VIX-oh wait there's one bottle, here at the bottom, I pick it up and keep it with me. But then I notice, in that same sort of white display light, that it's a weird pink that I don't like :/ I chickened out! I like mauve, but I don't like pink!...Angora Cardi is looking better and better >.> I might franken some shimmer into it. But I don't want to pay full price for that either!'ll be a while.

Now I realize that I could buy these polishes, swatch them and return them, but all...29 of you? Sorry, I hate running back and forth. Love ya, but I need my gas money.

Anyway, I bought some Mizani reconstructor, went across the street to Sally's immediately found Roux Porosity Control, and took a look at the ChG display. I saw Reggae to Riches in person, and it looks so cute! Snatched it up, and it replaces Plugged in Plum as my loud magenta with blue flash. Cross your fingers for a swatch, because it's been thunderstorming through the days here :/

I leave for vacation on Sunday, yayyy!

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