Saturday, June 19, 2010


 I know I've mentioned how much I love blue flashes, and yesterday, I mentioned that I bought ChG Reggae to Riches. Well SMH! It is hot PANK on me! I mean, I knew it pushed the limits of magenta, but eerrgh. It's not that it's not the color it is in the bottle, but that there's a depth that it looses. I like the bottle a lot :/

This is a mani turned swatch, because I decided that I absolutely would not be seen like this. It was nighttime, so these are all indoors, but you get the idea. It has a verrrry runny formula. Very. But this is only two coats, and there was no cuticle drag. It's dented because I disrespected it for bein' ugly. Nah, I dented it getting my camera. It's probably destined for giveaway, along with Essie Revv'd Up and Electronica.

 This is what I replaced it with- the polish that soothes my Viva la Vespa lemming, Wet n' Wild Eggplant Shimmer. Once again, the French name is better; 'Aubergine Froste'. You'll notice that the bottle is labelless- all my WnWs are, because I hate that cheap sticker. I just memorize the names.

Indoor, window, shade and two sun pics; overall, you can see how sometimes the blue flash diffuses and the polish looks purple. I loooove this color...but then I remembered the one thing that sucks about it. It's definitely one of the drug-store polishes that truly acts its price. I did this yesterday and it's badly chipped already. I think I'm gonna do a holo ruffian. Cross your fingers! 

Friday, June 18, 2010


 So today I knew I'd go to the BSS and get some porosity control conditioner for my hair. I figured I'd go to Ulta, and pick up OPI Purple with a Purpose or Essie Demure Vixen while I was there. Well one, the people who work at Ulta never have any idea of what I'm looking for and how to find it, when I go for a specific purpose. Two, I noticed they sold Mizani there (interested in trying that line in the future) and I also noticed the Joico K-Pak in the salon section as well.. Hmmm. Remember my long story about protein overload? Well now constant cowashing as weakened my cuticle, and it can't hold water. ;.; Sooo heartbreaking. So I'm thinking of adding something like the K-pak biweekly or monthly, to start.

Okay Four, they did NOT have Purple with a Purpose- I was so crushed! Grrr. I didn't even check for Merry Midnight, but that's cool, because I don't want to pay full price for it. I did notice Plugged-in Plum, which is on my lemming list (which I keep in my purrrse! Not like I need to xD), but I was kinda let down to notice that in the light from the display next to it, the blue flash left. More on that later. So I saw Essie Summer 2010 display- NO DEMURE VIX-oh wait there's one bottle, here at the bottom, I pick it up and keep it with me. But then I notice, in that same sort of white display light, that it's a weird pink that I don't like :/ I chickened out! I like mauve, but I don't like pink!...Angora Cardi is looking better and better >.> I might franken some shimmer into it. But I don't want to pay full price for that either!'ll be a while.

Now I realize that I could buy these polishes, swatch them and return them, but all...29 of you? Sorry, I hate running back and forth. Love ya, but I need my gas money.

Anyway, I bought some Mizani reconstructor, went across the street to Sally's immediately found Roux Porosity Control, and took a look at the ChG display. I saw Reggae to Riches in person, and it looks so cute! Snatched it up, and it replaces Plugged in Plum as my loud magenta with blue flash. Cross your fingers for a swatch, because it's been thunderstorming through the days here :/

I leave for vacation on Sunday, yayyy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just won't quit!

So, I think it was... Saturday that I put on Daddy's Girl? Then Tuesday that I added 51. It's Thursday, and there is like...1 chip and a half on this mani, with just some tipwear. And through cowashing! That's unheard of, for me. Anyway, I figured I'd celebrate this suuuper pretty mani with some awesomeugly nail art.

I used CC's ArtWhatever art brush in Black Hologram. One thing I will say about Daddy's Girl+51 is that I can't get my camera to show how dark the base color can be, which is even prettier with the flakes flashing all over the place. Very vampy-glow. Anyway, my text is just... completely ineloquent, so on to the pictures.

Heads up, if I don't post this weekend, I'm going on vacation on Sunday, so I won't see you all until next Friday! Ciao!

Edit: More pics! I don't know whyyyy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Had a bad daaaay agaaaain -Fuel

I had a pretty stressful day at work, and when I came home, some computer troubles were really getting me riled up. I don't like to get angry, and moreso, I hate being frustrated, because I can only stand it so much before I just wig out and can feel my inner 5th grader having a fit. I don't like it. My mani was in that 'lol i'm about 2 chip' stage, and I was thinking of doing a ruffian for posting's sake. But you know what? No. Nfu Oh to the rescue, because there's nothing more cheerful than those flakies, and the instant gratification of painting my nails is uplifting. Daddy's girl is, to me, the absolute best base for 51 because it is the exact. same. base,  so you can get the depth without the jumble of flakes, which I'm not always in the mood for. A darker, solid base pushes the flakes out more, and that's not what I wanted. Anyway, here's a buttload of random, sorta useless pictures for no good reason other than I took them. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swatch Weekend! Warning: Pic heavy!

Here's Color Club Electronica. Like Revv'd up, I'm not sure I want to keep it. In fact, I know for a fact I'm not big on blues. This is an indigo polish (That's right, indigo, not blurple. Calling a color blurple is like calling orange redellow. There is already a color between blue and purple ((violet)), folks) that tends to identify as blue... except in some lights.

 Indoor, shade, weak sun. If it stayed as it shows indoors, I'd keep it. As it is, let me know if you want it x.x This is a two coater, and I *think* it wears well, but aside from this swatch I've only worn it once and couldn't stand it for more than 24 hours.

 Moving on, here's a fast, messy swatch of Sinful's Social Ladder, a semi-sheer, somewhat iridescent microshimmer off-white. Not much to say, this is three coats- the bald spots are because the application was rushed, not because of the formula.

 Indoor, window, shade, sun. And here it is with Milani Rad Purple (wannabe neon) over it, since it was requested, and this color is the closest thing I have to white. 2 coats index and ring, one middle and pinky.

What do you think? Can it call itself a neon now?

 Last but not least, I fall back on purples for my current mani. Sinful Daddy's Girl. This is the 'purple-jelly-with-reddish/orange-to-teal-duochrome-pigment' type polish, like Clarin's 230, Nfu Oh 51, Milani Totally Cool, Collistar Viola Glitter, etc. Of course, the duochrome in this one is low-key, and I'm not sure that people even know it's there. I included some bottle pics to show it- an easy way to check for hidden (aka useless) duochrome is to lift your nails up to eye level, at the side of your head... Or maybe that's just me. It's how I caught OPI SoC! Anyway... This one's pic heavy because I love it soooo much. It's a real catch for $1.99.

Two shots of regular indoor lighting, because I couldn't decide, halogen (that cuts right through jellies), shade, sun and the duochrome in the bottle. How the heck did I get lint or whatever on my finger in the sun shot?! I'm cursed, I tell you! Aaanyway, have a nice weekend, and ciao!

Friday, June 11, 2010

VI and Wild card

I'll start off with Wet n' Wild Wild Card. I keep calling this interlude, because that was the French name on the label, and it sounds better. There is nothing wild about this polish. I thought it would be a sheer, but it's not. I also only reviewed it until now, because the first time I tried it it bubbled up like alka seltzer >:[ I don't know why, because it gave me no problems this time...



lol soap opera lighting!



Wild Card is a nice lilac with a bit of interesting depth. The formula was okay, but chips easily. You can see how the base mutes and the shimmer goes a little golden, indoors. Here's a retarded girly ruffian I did after it chipped less than 24 hrs later. The color combo is baaaaad, but I just wanted to see if I could get the brush strokes remotely right.

Anyway, after this, I looked at my uploads list and GEEZ, everything's in the aubergine/purple family! I had to do something else! So here's China Glaze VI. I wanted this color hard, and I don't know why. It looks deeper on lighter skin- on mine the orangeness just POPS which isn't a bad thing, I just don't like it as much. It's a burnt orange with self glass fleck shimmer. And a 2 coater. And doesn't cuticle drag. So yay!


soap opera window xD



Orange! Not bad. I'm not a brights type of person, but this is still a cute summery color and I won't be getting rid of it. I really wish I'd been able to find SH Hidden Treasure, or bought Nfu Oh 49 (it was out of stock last time), because they'd look GORGEOUS over this. But I'm getting Nubar 2010 when I get my other duochromes from them, because there's no need to pay Nfu price for a flakie, and I can never find Hidden Treasure. It is very Hidden. Anyway, Ciao!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

China Glaze Afterglow

I've wanted this color for a long time, but every time I go to Ulta, it's just not there. But last week, there it was. Just sitting there, waiting!

 I think I'm addicted to flashes in my polish. I just think this color is sooooo coool. It's a very sheer peach pink nude with a blue flash. I think I like it because it takes something boring and subtle and makes it cool. It's basically a cousin to OPI SOC, but has an even sheerer base. I will say, that the blue flash was like.. impossible to catch in strong light. Everything just reflected white, and like my pics of SOC, the color came out duller. The flash in this is a nice electric powder blue, and on top of the sheer pink it has a nice pearly effect. But wait! There's more! The flash 'duochromes' into a crazier blue, and then to a sharp fuschia/ultraviolet looking color! And THAT, luckily, I did get a picture of.

Indoor, shade, sun, that crazy duochrome and the base color. My nails aren't dirty, just for some reason my quick is really dark through the nail. It doesn't look that way from underneath >:T

Anyway I like this because unlike most colors like this, it's not frosty, you know? Anyway, ciao!