Monday, May 31, 2010

Lots of stuff! Very long post xD

 Okay, um.. So I was backlogged again. My intentions of swatching my collection by brand, thwarted. My camera had died. UGH. But I got a new, better one! So I have lots of stuff to show you. First off, Color Club Fast Woman. I bought this because I adore dark red jellies, and I wanted something lighter than Revlon Devlish. Blood red, is really my goal. And... it is that SOME artificial lights. However, in sun or some indoor lighting, it's like the light rays penetrate the lacquer and light it up from within- this jelly turns BRIGHT red! This isn't a mere shade/direct light issue; it's actually the type of light it's in. Let me show you.

In my office- it's a nice dark red.
Still dark, same room.

A few feet away, in my bedroom- WOAH!
Full sun- bright, retro red.

Bright red in the shade. It does not change color, as long as it's in a natural type of light. To prove it?

Here it is, in a dark SHADOW in my bedroom. As you can see, it's still a bright red!

At first, I was really unsure. I don't wear bright colors like this- and I'm not big into classic reds. And at my office, if I move anywhere away from my desk or the lobby, it's this bright a** red! But I get SO many compliments on it, that I don't really miss the deep bloody color I bought it for. The formula is lovely, but I can't remember if this swatch is 2 or 3 coats.

Okay, another polish I swatched that day was Color Club Catwalk Queen. Now I do stand by my dislike of very dark can't-see-color-without-a-spotlight-and-a-magnifying-glass colors. But Catwalk Queen is a nice deep eggplant/black basde with a tyrian purple shimmer that does show color in all lights, and I do adore it. That said, I don't have another color like this in my stash, because I don't see the point.

Indoors, outdoors, shade and a bonus pic I thought was pretty. It is a very glossy, shimmery color with nice depth. Once again, the formula is luuurvely. This is 2 coats. Now, that WAS the last of my Color Clubs, ...until I bought Electronica and Rev'd Up. I have worn them both, but didn't take pictures because my camera was dead! Ack.

 Lastly, I want to show you my mannequin hands color. There isn't one that I have ever seen, on the market. This is a franken with a base of ChG Heirloom Organza with a couple drops of OPI YDKJ, a few of Ginger Bells, and some yellow-brown mineral foundation pigment from AllNaturalFace. It's sort of jelly-ish, but is opaque at three coats. There wasn't good sun this day- it was late and a bit cloudy. But you can see how well it blends in with my skintone! I really need to remember to wear it matte, but I included a blurry pic.. because that.. sorta gets the idea across? As you can see, my nails are stubby nubblins- there was a bit of an accident and instead of saving the chips, I decided to just chop 'em off. They'll grow back.

Annnd I almost forgot. A bit of a skittles style swatch- Sinful Bali Mist and Let Me Go alone and over black. Let Me Go is a frosty sheer lavender with an overwhelming light teal shimmer that turns into a bright blue flash in the right direction. Bali Mist is a pink-purple with a pink shimmer that turns gold to orange in the right light. 

PHEW! OMG I am SO done. But I still have a couple of reviews to do, and I'm gonna start including more eyshadows and lipgloss! I don't have chem for the next two months, so that helps. God help me when I start Orgo, though!

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