Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last of the Color clubs, and other things~

 Ok so in my efforts to post pics of all my current polishes, I decided that since I reviewed three other Color Club polishes, I'd finish off what I have of that brand, since it's not too many. Fuh. Easier said than done, because it has begun to rain every afternoon now. How can I take swatches with no sun? Before I start, here's a crap pic (rainin' outside) of CC High Society with 1 and 2 coats of ChG Unplugged Holo Topcoat, respectively.

As a color, I preferred it with only one coat. It looked like the polish came that way- a grey with a holo shimmer. As a toy and distraction, obviously 2 coats were better. So speaking of holos, after I took this off, I decided to put on Color Club Revvvolution. This was a polish that I knew I HAD to have when I saw it. Gunmetal grey, AND holo? Be still my beating heart. But hell if it didn't rain all day? Sunshowers and whatnot. I literally had to run out with my camera when the clouds parted for 3 minutes to get these pics- twice. I failed once. 

I type entirely too much .That is 9 hours worth of tipwear on the middle and ring fingers, there. Also I am apparently a bit dehydrated. Shame shame. The formula is great- you can tell because I could get it super close to my cuticles. This is 3 coats. 2 is normally fine for me- holo particles block *most* VNL.

 aaaaand.. this was supposed to be a multi-swatch post, but my camera decided to die. Don'tchya just hate planned obsolescence? Hopefully we can get this fixed, soon, because LOOKIE HERE!

Wet n' Wild Wild Card, Sinful Bali Mist, Daddy's Girl (OMG WEARING IT RIGHT NOW), Social Ladder, and Let Me Go.

 As an aside, a friend of mine said that Burt's Bees facial cleansers worked really well for her acne. I had a week of junkfood binging, and broke out, so I bought some Burt's Bees Soapbark and Chamomile cleanser (not specifically for acne). 

I've used it for about a week- I'll do a review after two. See ya!

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  1. I like CC high society with the holo on top, and since holos are my new love for the summer, I love them all!

    F.Y.I. I have "Daddy's Girl" too and its so nice, so deep :)


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