Sunday, May 2, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante III: High Society

Hey there, is everyone having a nice weekend? I know I am- I went to the beach yesterday! Since Sunday is for relaxing, I had time to show you the last polish I have from this collection; High Society. High Society is a putty grey, or Geige as someone started calling it. It's lighter and browner than Essie Chinchilly, if my thinking is correct, but don't worry, I'll do a comparison on my next post. In artificial light, it takes on a lilac cast. Well I think so, anyway. In a way, it almost seems like a jelly on the first coat, but it's definitely not. Like the rest, the formula was ATROCIOUS. I mean, I suppose it could have been worse, but to me, it was the worst of the three. By now though I've figured that the only way to get it looking decent is to apply the coats as thin as you can get them. This is three, but strangely there is still some VNL. That normally wouldn't bother me, but in a creme? Come on.

it's more beige-lavender indoors

Now I think this mani did come out cute in the end, but lest you think it's flawless, here's a closeup of the streaky-chunkiness. This is WITH two fat Poshe coats, mind you:

imagine this without topcoat...

 As with the other two I purchased, I'm really pleased with the color. It's a very feminine French grey and I adore it. Absolute shame, too, because I might even like it a bit more than Chinchilly if the formula didn't give me so much grief. As I mentioned, I applied the coats veeeeerrrry thinly, and oh. my. god. you should have seen how slooowwwllly I did it. I really tried my hardest. I shouldn't have to work that hard to paint my nails.

....But damn if it ain't pretty.

See you next time!


  1. such a pretty picture with the flowers!

  2. It's very pretty on you and love the flower picture :)

    These type streaky polishes can be a pain. I usually do 2 thin coats let both really dry then apply the 3rd coat thick to even out all the bald spots.

  3. Yes I agree, this one was hard to get perfect, I had lots of bald spots and it was a pain!


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