Thursday, April 22, 2010


 Ok so... here I have a Sally Hansen and a Wet n' Wild.

I had looked at Sally Hansen Grass Slipper for like 5 minutes when I bought my other drugstore polishes, unsure if I was into it. I don't ever wear brights or super non-traditonal colors; it's just generally not my thing. But it was spring, and one of my favorite colors of the season is that fresh yellow-green of new oak leaves. So eventually, I came back for the overpriced green (there's a non 'complete SALON' SH that's nearly the same color, but it was a bit too pastel/chalky to me).

In the end. I don't like it. But here it is, the way I first saw it on the nail, in my bedroom.

As you can see, as I moved through the house, it changed quite a bit. To be fair, when I got it, I opened it in the car at a stoplight and swatched it on my pinky, and I thought it looked so cool! When I did a full mani, however, I was totally deflated. It also goes to say that I don't swatch really, I take pictures of my NOTD/Ws (although I did a real swatch today, Nfu Ohs coming up tomorrow!). So I put all this work into something I totally hated. Ok so flaw one: the brush is weird. I don't want to say it's bad; it's wide which I generally like, but too long for how wide it is? And the tip is rounded, I guess to help you get that perfect nail shape. To me that's just superfluous and it got in the way. It goes on kinda uneven but levels itself out very well by the second coat, and if you did one thick coat and have petit nail beds, you would probably only need one. EDIT: The biggest flaw on the brush, I can't believe I forgot this. The post that attaches the brush to the cap is FLAT. This seems harmless, but think: you know how you drag the post along the inside of the bottle to remove excess polish that lingers to run down and pool onto your nail when you least expect it? You can't DO that with this brush, it's a square peg round hole type issue. If you drag the side of a flat thing along the inside of a circle, there's still a half circle of space where there's all this runny goop :/  Flaw two: overpriced. You ain't all that Sally Hansen. I felt mad at it, kinda. I'm just too lazy to take it back. Or I wanted it to grow on me? I'm still debating on whether or not to buy a cheap yellow to franken it with. In some lights it looks almost neon green which couldn't be any LESS my thing. Then sometimes it looks chalky.... the last pic in fading sun is what I wanted it to be. It's not, really :/ Oh well. UGH and on a related note- why is it so damn hard to find Hidden Treasures in a store ANYWHERE!? Buh...

Here's one that is WAY prettier IRL than I could capture, but I knew it wouldn't come out right. This is Wet n' Wild Night Prowl, and for some reason it reminds me of club advertising from the 90s. Hard to describe why.... anyway, it's a black jelly with dispersed fuschia-y purple glitter in it. So it's not solid glitter throughout, which kinda suits me because despite owning Supernova, I'm really not that into glitter. Like. At all. I also don't tend to like colors this dark, like the 'blackened' vampies or colors that are a pigment/glitter suspended in black so you can only see the color when bright light hits it. I hate that because it just looks like I'm wearing black. Friggin' useless. BUT. I thought this was really cute and looked at it fondly like a bajillion times when I wore it. If you like purples, goth colors, glitters, whathaveyou, you should get this because it's 99 cents! Come on! The formula was just fine for that price- it can give you cuticle drag and the brush is way longer and skinnier than I like- but now I'm super used to it, so it's cool.

Anyway I've got some great stuff to show you tomorrow- I might crumple under the excitement and show you later tonight- who knows!?


  1. now that i've read your post i kinda want that wet n' wild one!

  2. Oh you should! It's super cute, and since it's Wet n' wild you can probably just pick it up on a grocery run or something.

  3. Regarding the green, I had a similar story with another Sally Hansen green called "Green with envy" from the Xtreme wear line, and my reaction to it was the same...cute at first, then when done on all nails..didn't like it, and then I realized I liked it at my office ONLY!


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