Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sooo backlogged! OPI S.O. Color

I still have a lot to show you T.T I know I suck. Sorry!

Anyway I want to get this off of my HD, I am so through with it ! It's OPI's  Significant Other Color. It's impossible to take pictures of!!

This is such a pretty color! My camera can't get how vivid the green shimmer is, though. And there are bubbles because my Poshe was as thick as glue when I applied it. <.< Don't worry, I got a new bottle. Anyway, here's another picture of how it normally looks, I didn't include a bottle pic because I suck and forgot to do it. :p

Yellow artificial light, in my office.

Base color. It's a pinkish lilac. Sheeer.

These are pics of the illusive copper duochrome. Now, it's not hard to see it IRL. It's hard as heck to get it on camera! I think it's a point of view issue, because it can be anywhere from light and peachy to a saturated ponk-orange. While the green flash is pretty strong, it's not truly affected by the direction of light, but the presence of it, so I consider it a flash not a duochrome. The copper is the one you have to hit the right way to see. This polish is sheer and good for layering, but I've worn it twice now on it's own, at 3-4 coats. Can I just say I ADORE the pro-wide brushes? Love it. I am not a fan of pinks at all but I definitely love this color. Significant indeed.


  1. It's really pretty...I love duochromes :)

  2. I agree 100%. I am not a pink fan, but I have this color and it is gorgeous, I use it in a french manicure and it is perfect!


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