Monday, April 12, 2010

Polish remover trick! And HT: Protein and diets

Ok so I had planned on showing y'all my lip glosses (home made, of course), but my camera is dead and I'm too lazy today to fix the battery situation. On the upside I got a fat raise!

Anyway, today we're gonna talk about nail polish removers. I haven't tried the apparent holy grail of Zoya Remove, and I will one day. I used to use this Nearly Natural Nail Polish Remover I got from Whole Foods; it smelled like poisonous vanilla and took FOREVER to remove anything, but it was like 90% natural. I've seen an all natural corn based remover, but for serious that bottle is way too small for it's big pricetag. No thanks. I have, however, tried Essie's Clean Polish Remover. It is gentle, but it has acetone in it, so it removes quite well. It won't dry your cuticles or nails out, and that is great. It's a small bottle for the $6 or $7 I paid for it at Ulta (a store I totally despise for their price gouging. Poshe for $8? That mess is like $4.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond!), and that isn't very recessionista. So, being my do it yourself-self, I looked at the ingredients. While there are some chemicals in the formula I can't get my hands on and replace, I could tell good and well that as far as the fact that this is a gentler, non-drying remover, the Aloe and Glycerin in the mixture were the culprits. So what do I do? I pick up a $1.99 big ol bottle of 'Polish Off' professional (yeah, whatever), and throw some glycerin and aloe gel into it. I'm a bit of a mixtress hair wise, so these things were already in my house. I tried it out and wouldn't you know? It no longer dried my cuticles out.

If you don't already have some, glycerin and pure aloe gel can be picked up at most health food stores- I got mine from Chamberlin's. They are both pretty cheap, I have a juice-bottle size bottle of aloe gel for $4.99 and an 8oz bottle of glycerin for like $2. Factor in the fact that all it takes is a spoonful of both to turn a cheap, drying acetone remover into something moisturizing and gentle, and you've saved yourself a BUNCH of money. Now for the tip~

PROTEIN DIETS: So we all hear that most celebs use high-protein diets to lose weight, and this method is often used by weightloss clinics as well. Here's the deal: This isn't downright harmful. Most high protein elements are low in cholesterol and saturated fats, and that WILL help you lose weight, definitely! Thing is, a lot of these diet places are telling people to lay off of fruits and veggies. What the what?! Now, not to say that these things won't ever make you fat- anything when overeaten will make you pack on pounds. But my people, fruits and veggies aren't making you chunky, and you cannot healthily maintain a diet that restricts plant foods. Not. At. All. That isn't good for you! Your body needs those phytochemicals, fibers, nutrients, vitamins and even sugars. Also, watch out for replacing meal bulk with meat: Commercially raised animals are higher in saturated fats and Omega-6 fatty acids, with little Omega-3 to compensate. Also, exorbitant amounts of protein are difficult for your body to digest, stress your kidneys, and can even cause loss of calcium in your bones. The more you know!


  1. First, I love the aloe idea, and I am adding aloe to my remover at home. My question is..does the aloe effect the adhesive quality of the base coat??

    2nd...I agree..veggies and fruits are not making people chunky!

  2. It hasn't done anything to my basecoat at all- I use the water based strengthening base coat by Poshe. I suppose if you're wary, you could swipe the nail with alcohol or remover with a q-tip before polishing~ I love your short hair btw!

  3. I have high cholesterol :(
    My husband and I see a nutritionist, and we definitely have fruits and lots of veggies in our diet. I have to have the protein and starches as well. That is where the lean body mass and energy come from.

    Being 114lbs no one ever guessed that I had high cholesterol and that my body fat percentage was at almost 35%.

    Thankfully changing the way we eat has allowed my body to build that lean body mass, and even though my weight is the same, I can tell I'm not as soft as I was.

    Apparently, I look like I have the traits of an ectomorph but I'm curvy, and can easily bring out the muscular features if I do a little cardio and strength training.
    I am very proud to say that I don't really have to work hard, but just eating right makes a huge difference with my body type and eating right is very hard for me.

  4. Oh I'm def. not bashing protein and starch. Every aspect of foods is generally important. Just because potatoes are high in starch doesn't mean they are bad for us, which, unfortunately, is what most people believe. I think, personally, that we are all pretty uneducated as far as nutrition goes, and so we spend most of our young lives eating poorly and thus making it harder for ourselves when we're older and try to get healthier, like you have done. I totally believe that you can be thin and have too much body fat and cholesterol- that's another issue entirely! Skinny does not=healthy all by itself!

  5. Thanks! I cut it almost 14 years ago, from long and permed to this, and I will NEVER go back!

  6. Truth! My hair was bra strap and I remember how obsessed I was with straightness! But I love myself and my hair too much to EVER put chemicals in it again <3 I hope more women of color, whatever color it is, learn to love and respect themselves the way naturals learn to.


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