Friday, April 9, 2010


I was so excited! Ok let me just explain: This is also a hair blog. That helps to know, because it's why I went to the drugstore today for some miconazole nitrate. I'm going to mix it with my scalp oil and see how things grow. More on that later. But I saw this!

THIS IS A HUGE A** BOTTLE! But that's not what excites me. It's the pump! I like Aussie just fine as a cheapie cowash conditioner, but I HATE HATE HATE that hard to open and shut flip cap! It's the absolute worst! It's so hard to deal with, and you know how often you open and shut a conditioner bottle in the shower or whenever. I have to turn it upside down and bang it on the counter! And in opening the thing, I've broken a nail before, and that's just intolerable. SO! No more of that! It was $5.99 at Publix, but I think it was on sale for cheaper when I stopped in at Walgreen's. Go check it out! Also I promise to post more about hair, I'm just in a slump. Protein overload is no joke.

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