Friday, April 23, 2010


59 and 51! I also marbled my nails for Earth Day for the first time- it's WnW Caribbean sea, Jade and SH Grass Slipper (it looks all unorganized on purpose- I wanted an organic look) 

Maan I've wanted these for a while. To be fair, I hadn't considered 59 until recently, and got it instead of 49 this time because it was out of stock ;.; I expect 51 to be out really, but I recently have a better idea of why 49 was gone- I'll get to that when I buy/swatch it. Today, let's take a look at the famous 51! These 'Luxury Opal' flakies are THE BEST.

full sun, these two
shade. I dinged my ring finger and hadn't noticed!

Indoors, givin the full rainbow! Sooo pretty.

Where do I start? Yes, the bottle is adorable. The cap is super easy to hold, and oddly enough, says "enfu-Oh" Why did they drop the 'e'? Onto the formula. This is the jelliest jelly to ever be. I mean it spreads like warm jelly, and though that sounds like a bad thing in regards to polish, i assure you it isn't! It was freakishly smooth despite all the flakes! You can stroke over it again and again and it just..keeps coating! I can't even really say how many coats this is. 3 ish? I did a gradient of Zoya yasmeen from tips fading to middle, and then CC Catwalk Queen for the very tips. I notice that the best duochrome shows towards the tips, so yes I do recommend putting it over a purple base. The base color of this jelly is a violet-ish purple, but you rarely ever see that for all the shimmer and flakes! It dries very smooth, but this is with topcoat. It also didn't take that long to dry, but I was outside, soo.... 

Anyway this polish is the tits! You'll be looking at your nails off and on all day- totally distracting. For what it's worth, a funny fact is that within the jelly is not only flakes but shimmer of the same duochrome. If they wanted to, Nfu Oh could take the flakes from the formula and have a more opaque Clarins 230 on their hands! WE SHOULD TELL THEM. >:D


  1. I love Nfu Oh I have 51, 52 and 54..and I love them all!.

  2. It's impossible not to love them! I want 49, 61 and 116, too.

  3. Love 51 and I also have others. Those bottles are just darn right gorgeous!! Maybe we should tell them...I sure want me some Clarins 230 :)

  4. Hahah we so should! I'd like them to do a Clarins, and a whole line of duochromes, for that matter. And more jellies!


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