Monday, April 26, 2010

Nfu Oh 59: the Helll mani

Ok here is the swatch of 59 and the mani I wore over the weekend. My favorite thing ever nail art wise is gradient manicures, so like I did with 49, I did a gradient beneath this jelly, and it turned out more apparent this time. Yay! So the first pictures are kinda bad because once again, I didn't notice that I'd dinged a wet nail (I promise to stop doing that!). But index and middle are 59 alone, and ring and pinky are over one coat of Revlon Devilish (which I will swatch once I forget how much I hate removing reds >:[ ).

As with the other flakies, they show best over a dark background. You'll see more of the golden orange and greens if you layer it. I liked the way it looked over a coat of devilish, so when I went to do a mani, I thought, hm, maybe over something even darker? And I started off using a polish I absolutely hate (to give it purpose, you know?) OPI Midnight in Moscow. I won't tell you why I hate it yet, because I do plan on swatching my entire collection. All you need to know is that that was way too dark, SO, I did one coat of Devilish, then another coat halfway down the nail, and did the thiiiiinnnnest tip of MiM. It pretty much rained all weekend, but I tell you, this mani was just too much for me! At 3 coats, there was a lot of flakiness in the 59 I layered on top, and it looked like flaming embers floating into darkness. Very evil, you know? Anyway it was definitly glitzy, very sequined-red-dress loud. Not entirely my thing. Pictures!

I have no idea why it's playing shy here, but you can see the dark tips.

and a little blurry to show the fiyah!

Once again, I enjoyed the formula on this. It leveled itself out very well, and refused to chip, despite how many layers of polish there were going on. Be careful though, the layers get kinda thick because of the formula and the flakes, so give it a moment before putting on a fast dry topcoat to avoid it rippling up on top and being wet in the middle layer. Because it sucks when that happens.


  1. It's really pretty...I have to keep that in mind to layer it first :)

  2. Removing blues is way worse than removing reds, but I feel ya on this one :P

    Keep bringing the Nfu-Oh Love, so cute!

    I nominated you for an award!

  3. I don't wear blues, so I have no idea! But I do know that pigment-wise blue and red are TENACIOUS. Thanks for the nomination, you are so sweet! I have to get some WnW and Color Clubs swatched- hopefully by then I will either have more Nfu Ohs or some Zoyas!

  4. Where do you buy your Nfu Oh polish?

  5. is where anyone in the US can order them. It's a Korean brand made in France, but these ship from Cali.


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