Monday, April 19, 2010

My hair story: Part one.

 Alright first off, let me apologize for not having pics to show you. When I BC'd I didn't have a camera save for my phone, and I don't have the usb cord for it :( they are still there and one day I can show you all.

 In the beginning....

As a young girl growing up in Texas, I had very long, pressed hair. I remember my mother braiding it a lot, and when it needed to be done up, she hotcombed it (remember that, y'all? TERRIBLE) and or put it on rollers. I don't remember when I got my first relaxer, really. In the summers, as I grew older, my mother would have my Nana or someone put braids in my hair. I always wanted long skinny ones, but that's not always what I got. At one point, when I was 7 or 8, I wanted a bob cut SO bad, and ended up getting something similar to what Michael Jackson had in the 'You are not alone' video. I liked it! It grew out, sometimes I had bangs, sometimes I didn't. My mother tended to do my hair herself, and I didn't go to salons much. As a teenager, my hair was always long. Never shorter than shoulder length, except for a brief period where I had that other bob that was in style- short in the back and longer in the front, with two long pieces on either side. That looked a HOT mess when it was frizzy! Because my mom was no salon stylist, my hair was badly damaged, was dry a lot, and tangled like mad. I never shampooed it because I would never have been able to work through the knots. It would just grow until there was so much new growth my mother would slap some relaxer on for an hour or so, YES AN HOUR OR SO, and on we went. One year, I fell in love with bantu knots. I don't know why, because I would never wear them now. Just not into it. But I had them, and LOVED them. When I took them down, I had cute, curly hair, and I liked that, too. ...and then a day later, for no reason, my mother took me to her friend's salon and told him to cut off all of my hair. All of it. I had Halle Berry's pixie cut. ...I was devastated. Thinking back, this would have been the perfect time to go natural! I had less than half an inch of relaxed hair left, on the top only. But I know my home life then would not have been conducive to the support and the right ingredients to take care of natural hair. That mess grew out UGLY because it was limp and half relaxed all the time, the ends were poofy and damaged, and I always loaded it up with Suave conditioner so it would hang. Ugh. By the end of Highschool, I was back to  shoulder length again.
    Well, for reasons I will not put here (long story short my parents were very abusive), I ran away just before my 18th birthday. A couple months before I left, I had asked my mother to let me relax my own hair. What she didn't know was that I knew good and well I'd be doing it on my own. So, I did, from there on out. But my hair was just a hot mess. I would relax it, and there would always be burns and undertreated parts, and I flatironed it alot. A. Lot. I used Pantene Relaxed and Natural conditioner, and SoftSheenCarson relaxer (African Pride, too, but man that mess turns my hair to straw!). As I moved up in the world, going from a fresh high-school graduate working at a barbecue place, to a receptionist in a medical office, I began to go back to salons, desperate to find someone to relax my hair. I tried lots of places. Ok so what's up with the sign that says 'walk-ins welcome' but when I come in you all stare at me like I have two heads? Rude. I found a place down the street from my job eventually, and the stylist was..nice enough and did a great job on my hair. But god she was SO expensive- she charged separately for everything! $75 for relaxer, $10 for style, $15 for deep condition, etc. Then I found a place in Sanford here, and ...well they were nice. Bumpkins, but nice. I eventually had a moral fall out with the stylist, though, and ditched her racist a**. I found an even nicer, nicely priced, respectful lady close to my home, and stayed with her for a while. Now my now, my hair is past my shoulders, but I can't seem to get to bra-strap length, or how I measure it, boob-length xD. And this made no sense to me. I knew my hair grew. I knew I ate well, wasn't anemic, and my hair was healthy. Or so I thought. But every time I combed it little pieces of the ends would fall off, even though it got regularly trimmed. And every time the stylist blew my hair out after the relaxer, I would look in the mirror and smile, because I loved the big mane look. Last year, I began looking into natural relaxers. Well there really isn't one, but there are options. And I began cruising hair care boards., I'm looking at you. I first decided that I would stretch my relaxers. Then that I would use these non-chemical methods. Then that I would switch to all natural products.. and then I lost the idea of relaxing entirely. I began to cowash, and prepoo, and deep conditon. For the first time in my life, I could comb through new growth and the relaxed parts like it was NOTHING! My boyfriend stood in the bathroom door one day. "I've never seen you be able to comb your hair out like that." So true. In the seven years I'd been with him, I'd never been able to do it.

My last relaxer was April 7th. It's been over a year.

In this time, I have always been thrilled to share the things I've found out in my studies. Overall, I love sucking up information on natural health, and spreading it into the minds of anyone that will listen. That's why I'm majoring in Alternative Medicine now. I created this blog to help girls compare swatches, and give people little tidbits on health. But very importantly, these three things: People need to know about products and foods that may harm them, and their healthy alternatives, naturals need a supportive community, and I wanted to spread information, and more brown bloggers should swatch cosmetics, because we want to know what that stuff looks like on us! haha. So listen, my dear sweet followers. Please let other ladies (and guys, too- no discrimination), know about this blog!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about my BC and my harrowing encounter with Protein Overload. And if the sun is out I can show you the pretty purple polish I'm wearing!

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  1. congrats on your first year of being natural!


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