Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Hair Story: BC to now and PROTEIN OVERLOAD

As I stated yesterday, April 7th 2009 was the last time I had a relaxer. I ultimately decided I would transition for a year, snipping off inches of hair as it grew, so I'd maintain shoulder-length hair. DUMB IDEA. Especially since an inch of natural hair is totally not equal to the length of one inch of relaxed hair. I did braid-outs and twists, and DC'd, and baggied and pre-shampooed and co-washed. I wore donut buns, and boy were they BIG. I loved them! (I'm hoping by winter this year my hair will be long enough to use them again and hide my ends from the cold). I wore cute updos and flowers in my hair and felt more fabulous about myself than I had in a long time. My boyfriend noted that he'd never seen me do so much with my hair. ...But I only made it to August.
     I had mentioned cutting my hair off to my boyfriend before, or shown him pictures of other girls' twas, and his normal reply would be along the lines of 'it's so short' or 'but you wanted to wait longer.' It had been a month at my new job, and must've been a Saturday. He left for work. I felt a feeling of absolution. I went into the bathroom, tied my hair into a ponytail, and chopped it off. Then bit by bit, I cut off the relaxed ends. It took around five hours, because just as I finished, my BF came home. ...He didn't notice immediately. Then. "Oh my god!" and he gave me a BIIIG hug and told me I looked cute! I said I felt like a supermodel, and it was true. My hair was suuuupershort! It was so easy to care for! I tried shingling as the months went on, but between you and I, don't bother at that stage. No me gusta. Moving into winter, I cut glycerin from my regimen, but my hair was still so dry! To be fair, I didn't tend to put it up in twists... this is where the trouble started...
   It kept feeling so dry. I'd DC and put leave-ins in it, and it would soften up again, but as time went on, every time it dried out, it was drier and wirier. I thought it was the cold, and kept on with the conditioner. By the end of winter, my hair was a miserable, uncooperative brillopad. And it was getting worse. Like, to the point that if I pulled on a curl, it just stayed stuck out and didn't bounce back. My hair felt like finespun wire. It grossed me out and depressed me. There was very little curl definition. And though I DCd faithfully with butters, oils, extracts, salt, etc, nothing worked. When the cold snap broke and spring came, I expected my hair to soften up. It didn't. It was getting worse, despite all the conditioners I was trying out on it.

And that's when I noticed.

My Giovanni conditioner had proteins in it. So I switched to Organix Coconut Milk.... and that had protein in it. Then I switched to a coconut oil condish.. only to find out that coconut oil aids in protein retention! I had been digging myself into a protein-y grave! Stupidly, I ditched those conditioners and then DCd with a mixture containing an EGG yolk, thinking that the cholesterol content would trump the protein content! I must've been desperate because that's super dumb. I left that mixture in for 40 hours and ... no bueno. The next week, I gave in and clarified, because after deep conditioning with another heavy mixture and baggying for 2 weeks straight, I wasn't seeing any but the tiniest improvement. My hair felt like softer wire, and lasted a whole 3 hours damp. I had heard that clarifying is no good but listen here! If you have a bad protein overload, clarify and use Nexxus Humectress conditioner. I clarified one weekend, DCd, then clarified the next, slapped half a bottle of Humectress on my head and wrapped it up for 40+ hours. When I was done I could see and feel the difference! My hair was 80% better! I went back to using Oyin Frank Juice for moisture, and now, 4 days later, it's COMPLETELY back to normal!

It's super late here and I still haven't posted pictures- also the sun refuses to let me take pics of my polish. Oh well! I just wanted to write this down somewhere.

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