Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante II: Uptown Girl (and some layering)

Here's my second polish from Rebel Debunante: Uptown Girl. It's a feminine lilac that I really liked. At first, I considered it 'light', but it's really a medium color, not pastel or anything by any means. The formula didn't really level out completely, sorta disappointing, but not as bad as it's counterparts, and my left hand came out almost entirely smooth.

Refer to the bottle in this pic- the shade from the trees is making it deeper than it ever is.

I didn't do cleanup on this mani because I was feeling REBELLIOUS. And maybe lazy. As much as I loved it, I knew I didn't love it enough, so I layered it. Left hand got layered with Sinful 'Let me Go' from the Purple Passion collection. I will definitely swatch this alone later!

Right hand got Significant Other. I... managed to fail and catch it between shades. It's pretty sacrilegious. It looks magical in like.. every other angle. :/ But I'm too lazy to shoot it again. You should have this polish already! Loving the dinged nail? Me, too. I wanted to cover it up with a rhinestone like whoa. ...But I don't have any.



  1. Sweet combo! I don't own any colors from the Rebel Debutante Collection.

  2. Love the layering. I didn't get this sinful. Will be lookimg for it :)

  3. I like the layering, and I had the same experience with this color, it didn't smooth out like I thought it should either.


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