Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante I: Ms Socialite

 So after much deliberation, I did get a few of the polishes in the Rebel Debutante collection. None of them are outstandingly unique, but a few of them were right up my alley, and so eventually I conceded that for $2.99 or whatever, I'd get them. I'll be test-driving them this week. I honestly feel that that collection was great for spring. I'm not really into BRIGHTS and the brights it did have seemed... springy, not loud. Even the neon green. It just seems very appropriate to me for some reason. Here's the lineup, as if you haven't seen it everywhere else. I know this is old news.

Here's Ms. Socialite, which I wore over the weekend:

pay no attention to the dog biscuit crumbs

I got bored and took my ChG Ink brush to it. I don't think this qualifies as nail art- more like the polish equivalent of doodling while you're on the phone.

 Ok so review: The formula SUCKED. It was all bald-spotty and cuticle draggy and what was worse, it hardly leveled out AT. ALL. You can't see it in the pics, but IRL there are ripples and divots and sh** that not even Poshe could smooth over. Ugh. It dried in an okay amount of time and this is the second day of my many, and there are two tiny chips. This is three coats. As for the color? I really like it.  It's  a plummy berry color through and through, and really feels 'springy' to me. Well, springy for a person that doesn't wear many colors at all. Ugh but that formula....

Anyway, a last word on Nfu Ohs, before I get some more. I was feeling pretty secure in my wishlist for them because I have been all up and through their blog, http://nfuohproduct.blogspot.com/ . But the other day, when I was on fabuloustreet.com, I noticed that they had posted this link for their swatches. I found it because I noticed that there were polishes with numbers higher than I had ever seen, and I knew I was missing something. Oh. No.  Consider yourselves warned!


  1. It looks pretty on you. I found the set at Ross. Just so happened i bought the green and blue ones online.

  2. I haven't been to Ross in sooo long. S'ok though, since I wouldn't want the set. Why on earth did they not sell it in store with the green and blue? You can't call it rebel debunante without that xD

  3. I found my set at Ross too, and I agree, I wish the blue and green were included.

    I also found the same Nfu-Oh swatch list and I have it bookmarked, so helpful,even though I want all their polishes LOL :)


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