Thursday, April 8, 2010

China Glaze OMG

I totally love it. That said, silver holos is the one area where I will have dupes on purpose- I hear that Nfu Oh 61 is even better, but I have never seen them compared. This compels me, and I also want a few others, so there would be a group. But anyway, pics:

It is very easy to apply and dries matte. There's some VNL here after 3 coats but I don't really care, because it's so pigmented, otherwise. It wears pretty well, I think, and is easy as hell to patch up. This is w/o a topcoat. Only problem is I tend to wear this on weekends, and that's when I do my hair. Having my nails in water and conditioner soaked fro is not conducive to keeping polish on :/

Here's another weekened polish: L.A. Girl Supernova. I tried to give  a review of this last week, but total fale. I said then that I really didn't want to do 4 coats of it to get it to the right opacity and then have to deal with taking it off, just to wear it on the weekend, and that is so true. The bar glitter rips felt up like whoa.

One coat. You can barely see the grey base tint.

3...or 4 coats? 4 I think.


Unfortunately what you can't see in the pics is how it moves. The glitter, though random, refracts light in a regular pattern like OMG, just.. more spaced. This dries rough and you'll need to file down any bars that stick over the nail edge. I topped it with a gloopy Poshe coat. This is garish and ugly and I love it. Oh, and how did I keep from having to remove it? Hair+conditionerrr. I knew the mani would get damaged because I hopped in the shower to detangle within a couple hours of doing it. And in the shower the WHOLE thing began to peel! Score- they came off in solid pieces. That was fun. Tootles!

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